Contact and Call Center Solutions for Enterprises

Contact centers engagements models, long dominated by toll-free inbound calling, are evolving to reflect the web, text (SMS) and social media first models of younger users. Likewise, agent staffing is evolving from traditional office-based agents to IP-enabled virtual contact centers that incorporate remote agents and outsourced services. These new models enable distributed agent pools that manage a diverse set of incoming (or outgoing) engagements. Ribbon offers solutions to communication enable web pages, social media and mobile apps. Our tools also provide solutions to secure multiple forms of communications, regardless of the agent's location. And for customers that are seeking a new contact center, partnerships, and interoperability with industry-leading cloud and premises providers.

Understandably, contact centers are generally risk-averse to adopt new technologies due to concerns over delivering high quality and consistent customer experiences. Ribbon can help contact centers make the transition to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), WebRTC and Cloud at a pace that matches their business imperatives and personal comfort, eliminating security and performance concerns while consolidating costs, increasing network capacity and overall communications flexibility.

By taking advantage of Ribbon's Contact Center solutions, any organization can deliver a more engaging experience for its customers as well as reap the financial benefits of an end-to-end IP communications environment.

Ribbon's Contact Center Solutions serve as the cornerstone of an IP-based communications infrastructure. Enable advances in contact center efficiency while delivering more engaging experiences.

Ribbon's Contact Center Solution Features & Benefits

  • Deploy SIP trunks to consolidate your network into a single, IP based network that can handle voice, video, and data traffic over the same connection.
  • Save money and expedite response to customer service issues by centralizing call recording services at the main contact center.  Eliminate duplicate equipment and simplify content archiving and retrieval.
  • Communication enable web pages and social media while reducing toll-free access charges with Ribbon's WebRTC Gateway
  • Carrier-grade resiliency and scale to assure that revenue isn't lost in the event of equipment failure, physical attack, or persistent DoS/ DDoS attack.  

Ribbon's Contact Center Solution Security Focus

  • Proactively secure remote agents’ connections to an on-site contact center network
  • Provide NAT traversal, network topology hiding, encryption and DOS protection
  • Complete security for signaling and media, including traffic policing, Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack detection and blocking, and rogue Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) protection.