Ribbon Fortifies Contact Centers

Ribbon solutions are the first line of defense for contact centers, protecting them from security threats and overload conditions. Ribbon elements normalize calls coming from different sources, making it easier to support omnichannel services. Ribbon solutions, including Ribbon Session Border Controllers (SBCs), intelligent routing engines, threat protection services and analytics tools typically sit in-front of contact centers, managing and securing all of the call traffic for one or a series of global sites.

Time is Money - We Save Both

Ribbon gets it, nowhere is the phrase, “time is money” more applicable than contact centers. Seconds or minutes lost in a contact center are not just AHT metrics in a report, they are money lost. Lost productivity adds up to increased labor costs, longer time to serve and potentially lower customer satisfaction. The larger the contact center, the more money that is at risk.

That’s why the leading contact centers use Ribbon solutions:

  • More than half of the largest ten banks in the USA use Ribbon

  • One of the world’s largest technology companies uses Ribbon

  • Major airlines and logistics companies use Ribbon

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We Don’t Make Contact Center Software – We Make It Better

More secure, more resilient, more flexible

Ribbon doesn’t make contact center software, rather we work in concert with industry leading contact center providers and even home-grown solutions. Ribbon solutions, including Ribbon Session Border Controllers (SBCs), intelligent routing engines, threat protection services and analytics tools typically sit in-front of contact centers, managing and securing all of the call traffic for one or a series of global sites.

Ribbon solutions are the first line of defense for contact centers. We inspect and normalize every call, so the contact center never feels any bumps in the road. If a center receives a massive spike in calls or is subjected to a denial-of-service attack that exceeds capacity, Ribbon can intelligently filter calls to prevent overloads or failures. We can also filter out nuisance calls.

Ribbon solutions connect multiple center locations, regardless of brand. Ribbon elements create a common dial plan so calls can be seamlessly moved from agent to agent or center to center. That can be done automatically based on call type or to manage traffic loads. Calls can also be transferred by a live agent to assist a customer.

For outbound calls, Ribbon can certify the traffic, so it doesn’t get flagged as SPAM by telecom providers.

Contact Center SBC And Analytics

Contact Center SBC

Eliminating Contact Center Fraud and Data Breaches

Our Carrier Heritage Matters

Architected to never lose a call

Ribbon’s carrier heritage means that our software and hardware appliances are ideally suited for the high-volume, high-value nature of contact center traffic. Our solutions run in the largest telecom networks in the world. That means they are designed from day one to be deployed in high availability configurations such that no calls are lost, even in the event of an element failure. Likewise, Ribbon elements are designed for in-service upgrades, so the network is never out of service. Ribbon offers the same scale and high availability for hardware and software-based deployments.



Vendor Agnostic Infrastructure


Ribbon can connect different brands and generations of technology – including simplifying cloud migrations

Contact center managers often walk a fine line as they try to integrate disparate contact center environments, while modernizing their customer’s experience. Geography, agent training challenges and budget constraints can make it cost prohibitive to upgrade all centers to a common contact center platform. Some managers may also be concerned about a monolithic design that makes them beholden to a single vendor for all of their interaction technology. Ribbon uses industry standard SIP for IP telephony integration, WebRTC for web-based communications and can even support legacy PRI, BRI and analog circuits to integrate older hardware. Ribbon’s centralized routing engine manages tens of thousands of concurrent calls, regardless of the telecom provider or contact center platform. Deploying a Ribbon core makes it easier for organizations to change services over time, without disrupting ever agent or every interaction. Change technology brands, locations (including premises to cloud), or technology types (TDM to IP or WebRTC), over time, assuring that both agents and customers are fully satisfied with new services.


Beyond Toll Free Voice

Enabling A Blended Voice Experience

Contact centers engagements models, long dominated by toll-free inbound calling, are now omnichannel experiences that include web chat, text (SMS) and social media interactions – both inbound and outbound. Additionally, contact center engagements often start with AI-based interactions to collect information, route interactions, or answer initial inquiries. AI is further leveraged to measure sentiment in real-time or as part of post interaction scoring. Ribbon offers solutions to communication enable web pages, social media, and mobile apps. These web-centric offers reduce toll charges and appeal to a younger customer base. Ribbon SBCs can easily replicate thousands of concurrent live media streams, transcode the media to a common format, and send multiple streams it to multiple ecosystem elements for recording and storage or for AI-based services. Ribbon’s carrier heritage assures the scale and resiliency required to have Ribbon elements in the call path for tens or hundreds of thousands of daily interactions.
Beyond Toll Free Voice


The Benefit of Our Experience

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Ribbon Profession Services Staff Are Ready To Deliver A Complete Solution

With decades of experience deploying solutions in many of the worlds most demanding contact center environments, Ribbon’s people are ready to help. They have worked with all of the major contact center vendors and even partnered with individual companies on tailor-made, home-grown, solutions. Whether your business is financial services, manufacturing, logistics, travel or any other service, Ribbon’s people have the experience to make your contact center more secure, more efficient and more engaging for your customers.


The Ribbon Difference

The Ribbon Difference

No other solution provider can match Ribbon’s complete solution for security, service integration or value. More importantly, those capabilities are backed by Ribbon people. Our solutions are built by Ribbon R&D teams, sold by Ribbon sales teams and supported by Ribbon services teams. We are the leaders in:


  • Resiliency- Ribbon elements are designed to meet telecom provider high availability standards. That means failovers with no lost calls and in-service upgrades for true 24/7/365 availability.
  • Scale–Ribbon elements are deployed in the largest telecom networks on earth. No deployment environment is too complex or too large.
  • Open Architecture– Fully virtualized software, cloud native options or traditional hardware appliances. All built to support open standards like SIP, WebRTC and traditional TDM/analog. Ribbon solutions are deployed in concert with all the major contact center providers and with home-grown solutions.
  • Proven– Billions of minutes of use underpin each of the solution elements. It’s no accident that many of the world’s largest contact centers have depended on Ribbon for a decade or more.


Find out for yourself, contact us today.