Factors such as aging networks, increasing regulation, DER and security are driving utilities to modernize their ICT infrastructures. Modernization will enable these providers to offer new services, reduce emissions, and improve security. Transitions are never easy, that is why it is best to work with professionals who have more than 50 years of expertise in the sector - such as Ribbon.

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Winter (Package) is Coming

The European Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package – commonly known as the ‘Winter Package’, will have a number of its directives in-place by January of 2021. The Commission is focused on making the world a ‘greener, cleaner’ place. It’s likely to be one of the first of many such initiatives, as other countries pass their own regulations. Beyond reducing emissions and increasing transparency, this legislation has important implications for utilities worldwide. It will leave many utilities with a lot to do to comply – and not much time to do it.

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Winter (Package) is Coming

What Steps do you take from Utility to Utelco?

From Utility to Utelco

UTelcos are competitive telecom operators owned by or related to a utility company (power, water, gas, oil, transportation). They usually begin as a group within the utility company in charge of delivering internal communication services. They can then become a competitive telecom operator under the utility-holding company or government entity. Find out the next steps in our Whitepaper.

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IP Optical Solutions for Rural Utility Companies

IT/OT Upgrades Made Simple

Utilities have traditionally managed their IT and OT networks as separate sub-networks. This webinar will discuss another approach: how to combine these networks onto a common physical infrastructure.

Benefits of combining the networks can include:

  • A simpler overall network design and lower operating costs
  • Common equipment can carry both networks simultaneously, lowering capital costs
  • A network that can be upgraded, expanded, and enhanced as demands change and new services are added
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IT/OT Upgrades Made Simple