Skype for Business

Ribbon solutions for Skype for Business provide secure, resilient voice communications to and from Skype for Business on-premises and online. Our Microsoft-certified SBCs can be used to connect analog, digital and VoIP lines to your Skype for Business implementation. Our all-in-one Cloud Link device combines a performance-tested SBC with Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) for a cost-efficient solution for connecting to Skype for Business Online.

Geographically distributed enterprises often centralize their Skype for Business deployments. Our survivable branch appliance (SBA) that assists making phone calls when the connection to the central Skype for Business is interrupted.

Our Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA)


Ribbon Cloud Link

Ribbon Cloud Link combines a performance verified SBC with Skype for Business CCE running embedded on the device.  Having both functions running on the same device simplifies management and the GUI setup wizard significantly reduces the complexity and time needed to configure Cloud Connector Edition, decreasing deployment times up to 70%.  Tested and certified with Windows Server Standard, Cloud Link offers meaningful savings over running Skype for Business on a separate device.

Cloud Link is the perfect tool when migrating from an on-premises PBX to Skype for Business Online.  It connects old to new, allowing you to move to the cloud at your own pace.  Available on both the Ribbon SBC 1000 and Ribbon SBC 2000 chassis, Cloud Link serves both small and medium businesses.  Active Directory integration facilitates presence awareness for legacy endpoints.  

SBC with Skype for Business

Ribbon Cloud Link

Ribbon Communication Solutions

It’s common practice to set enterprise telephony networks in a “hub and spoke” topology where branch offices connect over the WAN to a centralized site where calls are routed internally and externally. This saves money by centralizing administration and limiting external access points.

But what happens if there is an interruption in WAN access? Branch offices will be unable to contact external parties. If internal call routing is handled through the same centralized facility, people in the same office won’t be able to call or send instant messages to one another.

Ribbon has two solutions to maintain intra-company communications in the event of a WAN failure. The Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) ensures that basic unified communications services are available locally in the event that network connectivity to the remote site is lost. The Resilient Branch Appliance (RBA) provides a mobile broadband 3G/4G connection to keep signaling and data layers operational in the event of a WAN outage.

Intra-Company Communications

Intra-Company Communications