Enterprise and Local Session Controller - JITC Certified

The Ribbon Application Server, in concert with Ribbon Session Border Controllers and the G5 Analog Gateway, have successfully completed US Department of Defense Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) testing for both Enterprise Session Controller (ESC) and Local Session Controller (LSC). This certification effort was completed in concert with Polycom VVX phones and Polycom Treo as routine only end instruments.  Certification also includes Teo IP phones and Avaya 1100 series phones.

The Ribbon Application Server shares its heritage with the Nortel AS 5300 R1.0 and R2.0 that was widely deployed in the US Department of Defense for Command and Control operations. The Ribbon Application Server offers a highly scalable, fully virtualized, standards-based, upgrade option for these and similar deployments. Ribbon’s solution easily scales to hundreds of thousands of endpoints per node (max of 2 million) and is actively deployed in mission-critical environments with standards-based SIP and ASSIP endpoints. Of course, modern soft clients are also supported.  There is no proprietary endpoint lock-in; the solution’s ESC certification and scale make it ideally suited for graphically redundant, private clouds. A modern architecture for today's mission. 

Scalable SBC Choices

Ribbon provides a wide range of JITC certified session border controllers which include the SBC 5110, SBC 5210, SBC 7000 or SBC SWe (virtualized). SBCs protect endpoint instruments as well as SIP trunks between sites or to the PSTN.

Ribbon SBCs deliver high session performance even under the most adverse conditions. Ribbon separates the security, media and session-processing functions into distinct hardware and software components, this enables Ribbon SBCs to retain overall performance capacity under networks attacks, even with heavy encryption or transcoding loads. This means that a Ribbon SBC can protect the ESC/LSC from heavy DDoS attacks and still allow good calls through – assuring those critical communications will not be interrupted.

Ribbon SBCs can be used in concert with a Ribbon Session Controller or session controllers from other certified vendors.

Investment Preservation - Analog Migration

Military installations often have thousands of analog devices, powered by legacy copper cabling.  Migrating these devices to IP may be both impractical and cost prohibitive as new cabling and infrastructure upgrades can exceed the cost of the core project.  Ribbon’s JITC Certified G5 Analog Gateway has an unmatched density at 768 ports per chassis.  It can support copper loop lengths over 20,000 feet. This enables organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of migration relative to competitive solutions.   

JITC Certification - Security Assurance

JITC certification affords US defense departments, as well as certain government contractors, assurances that the Ribbon Application Server, Ribbon Session Border Controllers, and G5 Analog Gateway will interoperate within their networks and support certain Multilevel Precedence and Preemption (MLPP) capabilities. Certification further affirms the solution’s ability to comply with tested Information Assurance requirements associated with security and survivability services. 

JITC Certified Session Controller Advantages:

  • Carrier heritage assures massive scale and geo-redundancy
  • No proprietary lock-in – supports SIP and ASSIP devices
  • Works in concert with Ribbon Certified SBCs
  • Works in concert with G5 Analog Gateway
  • Tested with industry-leading Polycom VVX phones
  • Upgrade path for legacy Nortel AS 5300 deployments
  • Deploy on-premises or in a private Cloud
  • Backed by Ribbon support and professional services teams

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