Operations Analytics

Telco’s communications services are diverse, dynamic and run across multiple physical and virtual network domains, concurrently.  There are so many possibilities in network and customer operations with advanced analytics. In network operations, analytics can provide comprehensive network view across multiple dimensions, including network element, cell, and devices. In customer operations, analytics can be used to provide carriers with detailed subscriber data usage information to help address data usage bill shock and improve customer care.

With Ribbon Analytics, the analyzed data can help network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends and troubleshoot network issues pro-active and in-real-time. Further, with the subscriber information captured in real-time and stored historically, customer care agents can inspect each flow data for each subscriber in the network to provide the most accurate analysis of speed, latency, packet error rate, and failures.

Ribbon Analytics can help telco operators fundamentally transform the network and customer operations with the following applications: customer care-data usage, customer experience analytics, operations analytics for fixed & mobile operators, data abuse analytics, and troubleshooting network performance.

You can get more details on each of these applications from our resources.

Ribbon 5G Analytics