Optical Networking

Public and private clouds, video streaming, home offices, and emerging 5G services are driving demand for more bandwidth and flexibility from optical networks than ever before. Ribbon tailors its optical networking solutions to fit the business needs of each service provider individually, covering multiservice transport, performance or cost-power optimized transmission, optical encryption, CDC-F ROADMs, access-to-core OTN switching, dynamic restoration, and integrated performance monitoring; all under SDN control. Our solutions evolve gracefully and will serve you for many years to come.

Why Ribbon?


Lowest Cost per Bit

Maximum capacity per wavelength


Fastest Time to Revenues

Programmable L1 business services


SDN Domain Control

Advanced automatable lifecycle management


No Lock-in

Disaggregated systems with open standard interfaces

Get on the N x 400G Lanes Optical Highway

400GbE clients have begun displacing 100GbE as the dominant client interface requiring transport. This dictates mapping 400GbE clients onto Nx400G lanes. Ribbon achieves this goal with both high-performance and cost-optimized transport solutions. Moreover, our approach uses a channel plan based on multiples of 75GHz that ensures there is no wasted spectrum.

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Moving Forward with Open Optical Networks

Disaggregated Optical Networks – As You Like It

Reimagining Core Networking

The trend of disaggregated optical networking systems is picking up steam. Driven by the need to spur innovation and competition, carriers are looking to assemble such optical networks with best-of-breed subsystems with well-defined control interfaces. Ribbon is on board this train with a disaggregated optical line system featuring shared spectrum, programmable high-performance transmission, and OTN switching.

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Rapidly Provision High Margin L1 Business Services

Layer 1 transport services – including Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and legacy SDH/SONET – are highly profitable offerings that Service Providers sell to Enterprises for connectivity among corporate locations, data centers, and the Internet. However, the access nature of these services has always made it difficult to provision them quickly and economically. Ribbon is now changing the equation with an innovative solution to provision lucrative L1 services rapidly and economically, speeding up time to revenues and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Rapidly Provision High Margin L1 Business Services