SBC on the Public Cloud

Delivering cloud-hosted, real-time communication services from a public cloud, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), needs an SBC to assure security, performance, and availability. Service providers of cloud-hosted, unified communications, conferencing and collaboration, and contact center applications benefit from being able to deploy Ribbon’s cloud-native Session Border Controller Software Edition (SBC SWe).

Ribbon's SBC SWe provides robust interworking for multiple signaling protocols, call admission control to manage traffic levels, and  multiple security features to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.

Deploying Ribbon's SBC SWe on AWS provides much faster time-to-market than having to procure, install, and implement the compute, networking and storage infrastructure for a virtual SBC on a private cloud. AWS handles ongoing maintenance of the cloud infrastructure, reducing operating costs.  AWS resources are available on a subscription basis, delivering flexibility and cost control when scaling SBC capacity.

Ribbon's SBC SWe is already being deployed on AWS. With our ongoing collaboration with AWS, we continue to innovate to enhance performance and high availability, delivering critical capabilities for a virtual SBC.

For more details on our recent enhancements, read our blog post “Deploying a Session Border Controller in Amazon Web Services.”

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