Service Provider Security and Network Operations

As the footprint of SIP-based real-time communications (RTC) continues its rapid expansion encompassing voice, video, UC&C, WebRTC, VoWiFi and VoLTE, this evolution exposes new security threats and operational challenges in real-time communication networks.  And these security threats and operational challenges will exist across appliance-based, private cloud-based, or public cloud-based RTC.

While security breaches attributable to SIP may not yet be widespread, that is changing as SIP adoption grows and hackers prey on vulnerabilities created by a lack of understanding of the risks and subsequent lack of best practices to address the threats and protect the RTC network.  Some attackers will target SIP specifically for toll fraud, but more likely this will be their point of entry for other forms of malicious activity such as disrupting operations, identity theft, financial theft, corporate espionage or supporting political agendas. This makes SIP more of a means to an end, and it will be futile to build a security plan to only address specific motives or types of hackers.

Ribbon Security

Just because you have not experienced a SIP security breach does not mean the RTC network has not been compromised. Hackers may well be monitoring the network without your knowledge and just waiting for a port to be left open, enabling them to go about their business with impunity, or have already penetrated and compromised your network already and are waiting for ‘the right time’.

Service providers can leverage Ribbon solutions to improve the security the overall network operations of their RTC networks.  Ribbon has the RTC security and network operations technology, so you can focus on you core competencies to your customers.

Service Provider Security and Network Operations Portfolio

Managed Security Solutions

Securing your customers real-time communications with managed security

Network Operations

Proactively manage your IP voice networks with detailed insights

Real-Time Communications Behavioral Analytics

Detect fraudulent activity on real-time communications networks

SBC in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Securing Real-Time Communications in AWS

SS7 and Diameter Signaling

Protect your subscribers from SS7 vulnerabilites

Securing Real-Time Communications

SBCs serve a critical role in securing RTC

Threat Intelligence Sharing

A more pragmatic approach in securing your RTC network

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