Deployed for the past 35 years, SS7 provides signaling that enables mobile and fixed network operators to setup/teardown calls, to route text (SMS) messages, support inter-network connectivity and transparent roaming, and to provide per-session information such as caller ID. While SS7 was the foundation for signaling in 2G/3G circuit switch networks, Diameter has been introduced for 4G LTE and VoLTE packet networks and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based systems, and is key to enabling new revenue-generating IP services.

Combined signaling solution eases Diameter migration

The Ribbon SS7 & Diameter Signaling solution enables MNOs to introduce Diameter-based signaling capabilities without having to rip and replace legacy infrastructure. Protect your investments by combining Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) functionalities on the same signaling routing platform. A simple yet elegant solution to address the dilemma of supporting legacy SS7 networks while migrating to LTE/EPC/Diameter networks.

Selecting the industry-proven Ribbon SS7 & Diameter Signaling solution will protect your capital investments, ease your transition to next-generation networks and reduce operational disruption, all while maintaining support for your SS7 network. Ribbon’s signaling and routing solution, along with our deep expertise in SS7 and Diameter protocols, enable you to achieve a more efficient, scalable, secure and cost-effective network.

SS7 and Diameter Signaling Features & Benefits

  • Single software solution for SS7/STP and Diameter
  • Translates Diameter and MAP protocols for interoperability between LTE and 2G/3G networks, and enables 2G / 3G networks to support voice and text communication
  • Secures network borders through IPsec encryption, DoS protection and network topology hiding
  • Prevents network element overload and service interruptions
  • Signaling security using signaling firewall functionality
  • Provides essential functionality for core, edge and interconnect deployments; a 3GPP Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), a GSMA Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) or a SS7 Signaling Transfer Point (STP)
  • Fulfills the Subscription Location Function (SLF), the Translation or Inter-Working Function (IWF) and ensures Local Number Portability in conjunction with Ribbon Policy & Routing (PSX)
  • Appliance, virtual and NFV cloud deployment options