Announcing Training Subscription Services from Ribbon

Wednesday, May 8 | 12:00pm EDT (17:00 London)

Are you struggling to get your staff trained and keep them up-to-date throughout the year? Have you brought new staff on-board that need training quickly? Do you have too many other things on your plate to meet the constant training demand?

We have the solution for you! We are excited to announce the all-new Training Subscription Services from Ribbon! Ribbon will team up with you to create a custom, flexible training plan built specifically for your needs. We need to think about the ongoing evolution of skills needed in our industry. New features, new products, new issues all require a set of skills that change constantly. To that end, you can now have access to formal training, online resources, and subject matter experts all year long!

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Wayne Moniz | Ribbon Communications
Wayne Moniz
Director of Education Services
Ribbon Communications
Ricardo Bonassi | Ribbon Communications
Ricardo Bonassi
Global Training Account Manager
Ribbon Communications

WEBINAR: Announcing Training Subscription Services from Ribbon

Wednesday, May 8 | 12:00pm EDT (17:00 London)


Ribbon Training Passes

In order to do all of these things, to help solve these problems, we've created a new service called Subscriptions available for the entire year. This is traditional training that we do today and it includes the self-paced training that we serve up on our learning management systems. As well as leader-led training in the classroom or virtual training online. But it also includes some premium services to solve some of the problems around customization of training content, maybe some refresher training, access to some labs for practice and things like that. Training Passes address the needs of an individual, a medium-sized businesses (a larger group of 3 to 5 people perhaps) all the way up to your larger service providers which can have hundreds of staff that require training throughout the year. The different packages that we offer begins with what we call our OMNI Pass which is a year of access to the self-paced materials that we have available in our learning management system. It's important to note that the OMNI pass is a key component to all of these packages and it's available in all of them. These build up as we go up the different tiers. So if a staff member comes on board and you want them to have access to the OMNI pass, we would register them into that but if you have turnover and someone leaves the company we will let you transfer that pass once within the year.

The WHITE Pass is the same thing but it includes five student days of training. So they can come to a training facility or we can come out to your site however you want to use these, it's five student days. It can be one student in a five day classe or it could be five students in a one-day class it doesn't matter how you use them.

The Royal pass, includes everything in the WHITE and OMNI Pass, the difference being instead of five days basically is twenty five student days. You do get something called a "follow-up refresher." If you've taken a training session and three months later you want your staff back in a training session with us to do some refresher, we'll work with you to understand where you feel you need to be refreshed and pull your staff together and take them back through the content to make sure it sticks. You also receive some personal instructor time. Maybe you need to do something small and only need an hour or two of our time, let us know what it is and we'll develop something and bring your staff together in a webinar and carry them through that.

When you move to the PLATINUM Pass, you can see that it again same thing you still have all of the services that are available in the previous passes except is 50 flexible student days. In addition, you would have something called e-labs, which is a instructor managed event where your staff can come in and spend time on the equipment before you turn them loose on yours.

The BLACK pass is fairly sizable, likely a Service Provider, someone like that may want that 200 flexible student days and in this particular pass it does come with custom development. This is not uncommon, we see custom development meaning you may want us to create a course unique to your deployment or your implementation of the network. In that case, we would spend time with you and scope design and develop the course and if you combine that with your 200 flexible student days we can even deliver that course to your staff.

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