The Inevitability of DevOps: The Biggest Benefit of Network Transformation is Service Transformation

Development and operations teams are sprouting up in enterprises and businesses around the world, and while formal “DevOps” programs are still in the early phases, as our hyper-connected and hyper digital world calls for more and more software applications, many analysts suggest DevOps will be even more powerful than legacy IT in the future.

Enterprise Digital Transformation and Real-Time Communications: Five Opportunities for Savings, Productivity Boosts & Business Expansion with Cloud-Based Voice, Messaging and Video

Is your enterprise ready to support wave after wave of new technologies already disrupting and, in some cases, destroying traditional business?

Communications and collaboration are undergoing a major “uber-transformation” and, to a large extent, this is being driven by a new generation of customers, workers, and partners who have grown up mobile first, cloud first, and constantly connected.  Enterprises who aren’t adapting fast enough are crumbling.

Perspectives17: One Week, Ten Trends, Unlimited Networking

There is nothing as exciting as our annual customer and partner gathering each year, and this year, for the first time, we are bringing over 600 people together in my backyard, downtown Los Angeles. The energy in LA is unlike any other city, bringing a cool vibe to a hot town, with everything from music and entertainment to technology and a vibrant economy. As part of the real-time communications industry, we are in the networking business, and there will be no better networking happening than at this gathering which has grown each year over the past five years. 

Bridging Private and Public Clouds for Advanced Real-Time Communications as a Service: Moving Beyond the WebRTC Gateway

Hundreds of companies offer WebRTC solutions for enterprise communications, collaboration, and embedded voice, video and messaging features on web pages and in mobile apps. As WebRTC continues to mature, what large enterprises need from their Communications Services Providers (CSPs) – companies like Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, BT, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone and other global and national network operators – are solutions that pull through their “carrier class” redundancy, scalability and security.

Winning in the Age of Digital Innovation: Allowing CSPs to BOLT ON, BUILD UPON & BRING TOGETHER World-Class Communications Services

Why is the communications platform market so hot right now? Why was Twilio one of only a few successful IPOs this year? Why are companies like Cisco and Vonage acquiring communications platforms?  The answers to these questions are simple. Because Communications Service Providers (CSPs) especially see the value that communications platforms can bring – the ability to give mobile and web developers access to real-time communications services and embed these capabilities directly into workflows and mobile apps simplifies and enhances the user experience. 

Kandy Unwrapped

Developers pride themselves in being able to make magic happen using everything from Open Source with its games engines and web frameworks, to full blown APIs and SDKS. From basic capabilities to rich enablers, whether they are found on GitHub open source or GitHub's commercial developer domain, or shared in small social circles of developers - it's really fun to "crack the code."