PAETEC Now Part of Windstream

PAETEC, purchased by windstream in 2011, delivers personalized communications solutions and unmatched service to business-class customers in the U.S. They are the premier alternative to the ILECs, based on a nationwide footprint, breadth of products, and quality of service. PAETEC’s extensive network combines the latest in IP switching, IP backbone, and TDM technologies, delivering services to 83 of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Market Focus:

Offering a wide variety of voice, data, and value-added services, PAETEC focuses on serving medium to large enterprises, government institutions and universities as well as wholesale markets.

What’s New:

PAETEC opened their first, IP-centric, environmentally-conscious central office in the San Francisco Bay Area, using Ribbon’s G9 Converged Gateway and C3 Gateway Controller instead of deploying a large Class 5/Class 4 switch with significantly improved physical and energy footprint requirements than past central office deployments.

Bay Area Benefits:

The Bay Area is a big growth market which was a significant growth opportunity for them. With the new Bay Area office, they now can provide their suite of communications services in virtually every major city. This new office also lets them extend PAETEC services to their existing customers who have branch offices in the Bay Area.

Why They Chose Ribbon:

PAETEC and Ribbon have had a progressive partnership history since 2003. Both companies have matching objectives – unmatched service, creative solutions, with a highly customer-focused perspective.

Why They Chose the C3 and G9:

PAETEC found that the incremental cost of expanding into a new geographic location is a small fraction of the alternative of deploying a legacy TDM switch. The G9 and C3 platforms let them expand their reach into new markets and easily accommodate growth in their existing markets, adding customers more rapidly and efficiently. In addition, most customers are able to receive their end services directly from the C3/G9, thereby reducing the need for separate application servers.

Business Case / Deployment Benefits:

PAETEC experienced a much faster office turn-up -- under 30 days instead of the full year it would have taken to install a TDM switch. PAETEC is a highly environmentally-conscious company, and the C3/G9 combination has given them a “greener” Central Office -- meaning less cooling, 70% less power consumption, and requiring a smaller real estate footprint. A legacy TDM switch that used 3000 square feet of space has now been replaced by a single rack of equipment. This allows them to magnify and speed their Return on Investment (ROI).

Customer Benefits:

Customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Among the many benefits, customers can now use a cost-effective, bundled voice and data service on a single pipe (PAETEC’s Dynamic IP service), enabling up to 40 calls on a single pipe versus 23 previously. Customers also get improved diversity of call paths as well as services that are on par with or better than TDM, including enhanced features, hosted IP telephony, improved customer self-service, and advanced call routing.