Contact Center Webinar Preview

June 19th, 2023

The role and functions of the call/contact center has certainly changed over the past decade or so. Even the subtle name change – “contact center” vs. “call center” implies that the role of the contact center agent is not confined to just calls – today they manage calls, chat sessions, email inquiries, and even social media posts.

Within most sales and service organizations, the contact center gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Many times, the contact center is where customers have their only interaction with you – as such it has a massive impact on how you’re perceived and whether people want to continue to do business with you. Done well, the contact center (along with things like training and well considered business practices) can greatly enhance the customer experience leading to greater brand loyalty and revenues.

There are some technology providers (Genesys, Five9, NICE InContact, and Avaya all come to mind) that have amazing capabilities to manage the complex multi-channel demands of the contact center. Ribbon, specializing in call security and analytics, works with all of them. While those vendors (rightfully) get a lot of the attention, Ribbon works behind the scenes to ensure that contact centers are secure and perform optimally (see these links to get a better perspective of Ribbon and our contact center offerings).


Over the next several months, we’re going to unveil a number of webinars focusing on the contact center. We’re going to bring in a number of our vendor partners to discuss topics such as PCI compliance and call recording, as well as customers that can tell their own story. We are striving for a series of educational webinars that get a little deeper than a product overview and provide some unique insights. Watch this space for more information.