Sonus and Subsentio: Strengthening Security in Cloud Communications

June 1st, 2017

We hear about it every day - communications network security is under siege. The most common and fastest-growing threat is cybercrime, with staggering impact on those victimized. By one estimate, the global cost of cybercrime will reach US $6 trillion by 2021.

Cyber criminals can be difficult to apprehend, especially when they employ anonymization to hide their identities.  One of the best tools law enforcement has to catch them is lawful electronic surveillance.  If an authorized law enforcement agent, pursuant to a court order, can lawfully monitor a suspect on a network, the crime may be prevented or readily solved.  Lawful surveillance can gather ironclad evidence of a crime without harming the privacy of innocent communication users.

Sonus working in coordination with Subsentio, a trusted third-party vendor of surveillance solutions and related public safety services, is able to deliver a virtualized lawful surveillance solution that adds security for communication networks and customers by supporting a common goal: working to ensure the safety and reliability of communications services.

The Sonus SBC SWe is the first virtual SBC to align with the Subsentio approach for a virtual, global model of lawful intercept that is low-cost, simple to implement and use. By connecting Sonus’ cloud optimized SBC to the Subsentio virtual SHIM, communications service providers now have a tested cloud-ready solution that ensures compliance with U.S. and international electronic surveillance laws.

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