C15 Analytics, Call History, and Reporting

August 22nd, 2018 | 11am EDT

Ribbon has partnered with Cordell to enhance the capability and security of your C15 by combining the trove of call control data that the Call History Server provides with analytics provided by the Cordell ISD4000. Coupling these two products will allow a Telco to monitor for toll fraud, voice quality and security attacks, as well as monitoring trunk usage, operational measurements and call detail records. The C15 is the heart of the Telco operation. Cordell analytics allows the Telco to monitor and assess the central office broadly (ex., alarms, trunk usage, generator monitoring) but also in-depth analysis of voice quality of individual calls and fraud or security attacks.

Join Ribbon and Cordell, Wednesday, August 22nd at 11am EDT for this informative webinar where we'll discuss the below topics and more!
  • The importance of capturing every detail for every call in your C15
  • SIP Trunk and Alarm analysis
  • How analytics can help tune your VoIP network for security and voice quality
  • User-friendly analytics dashboard with easy access and presentation of Wireshark data
  • Q & A

WEBINAR: C15 Analytics, Call History, and Reporting

August 22nd, 2018 | 11am EDT

Lee King
C15 and DMS10 Design and Support
Ribbon Communications
Bill Matthews
President and CEO
Cordell Network Solutions

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