Ribbon C15 Release 16

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 | 11am EST

The C15 continues to evolve to meet customer requests and regulatory requirements, as well as work with the ever expanding portfolio of Ribbon products.

Watch On-demand as we discuss all the below and more.

Topics Covered on the webinar include:

  • Stir Shaken for nuisance call mitigation
  • Build a business around your C15
  • Inter-op with Edgemarc suite of products
  • Inter-op with PSX
  • Customer Requests
  • Preliminary view of R17 content and schedule
  • Q & A
Elizaebth Page | Ribbon Communications
Elizabeth Page
National Sales Manager
Ribbon Communications
Jamie Gibson | Ribbon Communications
Jamie Gibson
VP Technology & Sales Engineering
Ribbon Communications
Lee King | Ribbon Communications
Lee King
C15 and DMS10 Design and Support
Ribbon Communications

WEBINAR: Ribbon C15 Release 16

December 4th, 2019 | 11am EST


C15 release 16 Updates and Information

So I'm going to talk about release. In released 16 which went GA and late October. That's the primary discussion. I want to talk a little bit about just a couple other things first. I go to user group meetings all the time and one of the things that comes up is how what's the best way to contact us? We've recently changed our phone number for support 833-Ribbon1 is the correct number to use. We still use the express routing codes for the C15 (ERC 1033) DMS 10 (ERC 1036) that we have always used. If you have a t7000 if you work through the voice response system, you will hear a prompt for that and there's also a prompt for emergency recovery for after-hours support. A couple of other items that keep coming up is that some of these systems are getting upwards of 10 years old and fan filters have been clogged and we've seen some overheating components. I really encourage you to talk to your sales prime and sales engineer to make sure that you've got clean filters and that you get replacements if needed and also a good system hygiene thing is to cycle your spares through make sure they are all still working.

Looking forward at release 16, as a corporation we have a thing called a Java Signing Certificate and it has to be renewed every 3 years, and it basically says that you trust the company that's providing this. We just renewed ours as a company in November, and we've included the renewed signing certificate inrelease 16. If you have an older release you could get a warning message about that certificate being expired and you can just ignore that warning because once you get release 16 it will go away. We also discovered that with Java v.8 update 231 that our GUI doesn't find Call History Server files and the solution to that for now is to just not get that latest Java update. Its the patch is the problem and we're still looking into what to do about that particular thing. The easiest way to work around it is just to defer the update to later. So our normal release cadence is we put out a release every year and our releases are active for two years and active means that we support and will patch out something that we think needs to be changed once a release is retired. If you call for support we'll still help you, it's just that we won't be able to patch it after it's retired and release 14 will retire and the end of this month. Release 15 is generally available and release 16 is generally available now and release 17 in the planning stages.

Here is an overview of release 16, it went generally available on October 18th and we currently have 47 sites in service. I expect it will have over 70 in service by the end of the year and you are encouraged to go to the the Ribbon portal and schedule your upgrade. I think we're probably already full through the rest of this year and they're scheduling out into January, but you can go in there and get a time slot reserved. I expect that we will have over 200 to 300 sites running on release 16 by the middle of next year. Our primary content for this year is the big feature Stir Shaken and I call it 1.0 because this feature is evolving and there will be changes. We've added a SIP location parameter, this was a mandate from a Texas PUC and some others. This year Ribbon acquired EdgeMarc and we have done some inter-op with some of their products and also extended the inter-op that we've done with other products within the Ribbon portfolio like PSX and 5400.

I'm not you go into all of these in detail, but this is examples of some of the requests we get from customers. A lot of these are things like just to make managing your switch easier and to be able to put more meaningful names in the descriptions of truck groups, for example, to put in capability to generate reports for information that you may need for the PUC. We get these requests all the time and we fit in as many of them as we can.