Ribbon is a leading, publicly traded, global provider of communications technology, employing thousands of individuals across more than 30 countries. Using our trusted solutions, our customers can offer services that improve the quality of life for billions of people around the world, support digital inclusion across markets and lower global greenhouse emissions through efficient bandwidth utilization and cloud-based applications.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance to Ribbon. We believe that all accidents are preventable, and that with the right culture, training, and tools, we can achieve an injury free workplace. Our strong record of positive health and safety performance helps build trust in our business while demonstrating our commitment to deliver on one of our core responsibilities towards our employees and their families.

In this Approach to Health, Safety and Wellbeing, we focus on our own employees and independent contractors working in our business. We also insist on high standards of health and safety by our suppliers in their own operations. For more details, see Our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our Approach

Ribbon aims to maintain a workplace that is safe from hazards and enables employees to conduct their work without fear of injury or illness. We ensure our workplaces comply with applicable safety regulations wherever we work and promote a culture of safe working and collaboration to eliminate work hazards. We reinforce safety awareness and safety risk management through regular training at all our operating locations.  


Our Approach to the Health, Safety and Wellbeing in our workforce encompasses the following elements:

  • Compliance: We comply with all laws and regulations relating to occupational health and safety in every country in which we operate. We benefit from the use of third-party protocols to ensure we are aware of our commitments at the national level.
  • Culture: Beyond compliance, we have created a culture of safe working practices in which everyone understands that safety is a priority and is confident to immediately cease any work operation or activity in the event of a suspected safety hazard. Our safety culture is reinforced at all levels of the organization through training, discussion and learning sessions from safety incidents, signage, updates, and other practices at each site. Our issue tracking allows every employee and contractor to register a concern or observation and is issued with a unique tracking ID for prompt follow up.  
  • Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) Management System: Ribbon operations are aligned with ISO 45001:2018: Safety Management System that applies across our operations. Sites are audited regularly in line with the ISO 45001 standard at least every three years. Work related hazards are identified through workplace risk assessments, inspections and safety observations as defined in our OHS Management System. Individual Safety Committees operate at Ribbon sites and include representation from management and employees.
  • Contractors: We are committed to protecting the safety of contractors working at our sites and provide contractors with detailed safety information and training before they commence activities. We provide a safety handbook to contractors working onsite prior to their starting work. Our contractual arrangements with contractors include our requirements to uphold safety standards and procedures. Monitoring of contractor safety performance takes place as part of our employee safety monitoring systems.
  • Safety Training: We provide OHS training online or in classroom format, where relevant, for all new employees and annual safety refreshers for all employees. For employees in specific roles, such as in our laboratories, targeted safety training is delivered, covering specific risks associated with identified roles. We expressly prohibited any employee to commence or continue work without having completed required safety training.
  • Safety Monitoring and Reporting: We maintain detailed safety monitoring and reporting systems at each site to keep track of all safety incidents, including near misses. Each sites reports performance monthly and the Executive Management Team reviews safety performance.  
  • Emergency Preparedness: We maintain business continuity and emergency preparedness programs covering all our sites and employees as part of our ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System. Employees are trained in business continuity procedures and participate in quarterly emergency drills and exercises at selected sites each year. For more information, see our Business Continuity Policy.   
  • Wellbeing Programs: Ribbon promotes health and wellness for all those in the Ribbon family and aims to raise awareness among employees through our annual Wellness Month and other activities throughout the year. We provide health and wellness related benefits in different countries in line with local market norms, such as medical insurance, dental insurance and more for employees and in many cases, with extended coverage for employee families. We also focus on aspects of wellbeing such as mental health and deliver educational programs to raise awareness of mental health issues and support employees in seeking help.  

Supporting Global Sustainable Development

Our Approach to Health, Safety and Wellbeing directly supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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Description automatically generatedSDG 3 which aspires to ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for al at all ages.

  • Target 3.9: Reduce illnesses and death from hazardous chemicals and pollution




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SDG 8 which calls for the promotion of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • Target 8.7: Protect labor rights and promote safe working environments



Ribbon’s Vice President for Global Real Estate is accountable for Health and Safety policies and programs. This position reports to Ribbon’s Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer who is a member of Ribbon’s Executive Management Team. Facilities Managers around the company are accountable for implementing safety policies, procedures, and training for all employees.

Ribbon’s Senior Vice President (SVP) for Human Resources is accountable for Wellbeing policies and programs. The SVP is a member of Ribbon’s Executive Management Team, and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. Human Resources Managers partner with business leaders around the company to deliver wellbeing programs.


We report transparently to our stakeholders on our health, safety and wellbeing progress and performance in our annual Sustainability Report, available on our website. Additionally, our Annual Report on form 10-K includes highlights of our human capital strategy and performance, including health and safety,  each year.

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