Wednesday, April 22nd | 11am EDT

You're invited to join Jonathan Homa and David Stokes from Ribbon Solutions Marketing on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11am EDT for our webinar focused on IP optical solutions for Service Providers.

As you know, a little over a month ago Ribbon Communications completed its merger with ECI Telecom. Together, we now have an expanded, innovative solutions portfolio including optical and IP networking, core to edge IP solutions, UCaaS/ CPaaS cloud offers, and leading-edge security and analytics tools.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the expanded offering, with a focus on the IP and optical sides of the house. Join us as we take you through some of the new solution sets we can offer to you, our service provider customers.

Here are some of the topics they will cover on April 22nd:

  • Optical Solutions - Advanced optical networking solutions for service aggregation and backbone transport, rapid provisioning of L1 business services, and wide-area data center interconnect.
  • IP Solutions - Multiservice packet aggregation for fixed, mobile and legacy services with a simple evolution to 5G transport.
  • Learn how ECI solutions can be integrated with and bring value to existing networks.
  • Q&A
Jonathan Homa | Ribbon ECI
Jonathan Homa
Sr. Director of Portfolio Marketing
Ribbon Solutions Marketing
David Stokes | Ribbon ECI
David Stokes
Sr. Manager of Portfolio MarketingRibbon Solutions Marketing

WEBINAR: Packet Optical Solutions for Service Providers

Wednesday, April 22nd | 11am EDT


Optical & IP Networking Solutions for Communication Service Providers

Let's start by focusing on the changes that are forcing you to change your networks and how that impacts the IP and optical transport network. Business services are moving into the cloud and this requires reliable high bandwidth connectivity. Residential customers are looking for massively increased bandwidth and gamers are a special set of these residential customers want is high bandwidth with low latency and higher reliability and are willing to pay for it. The 5G era is also beginning, with its massive uplifting capacity and connectivity to support initially enhance mobile broadband services. But not far down line down., we’ll see the need for a new type of sliced mobile transport infrastructure able to deliver highly deterministic performance at ultra-low latency with ultra-high reliability. To support this capacity and connectivity, fiber is being deployed deeper and deeper into the network. Whether this is the fiber deep challenge that has been applied to MSOs or the rush to deploy fiber in the home and fiber to the business being supported by the various government initiatives we have seen in every country of the world. In the midst of this, the threat from OTTs attacking your profitability and malicious hackers attacking your networks is increasing. And finally, I don't know about you, but the current situation that we are all in is making me rethink my communications needs, priorities, and spend.

For me, reliable high capacity, low latency broadband is becoming incredibly important. It’s allowing me to actually continue working while I'm at home, and as I assess my spend for the next 12 - 18 months, as an individual, I’m making sure I have a reliable broadband network with all the applications and services I want on that network is far more important than the $400-500 required to upgrade my iPhone, for example. I think we will start to see, both for individuals and for businesses, some prioritization and spend around good broadband connectivity.

With all these moving parts, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) need a network that is able to evolve when and where required and with Ribbon and ECI, we’ve launched our Elastic Network strategy a couple of years ago. We did so with the purpose of providing customers with a solution that is agile enough to allow them to introduce and deploy new services as an when they required, provide real-time monitoring and control of their network, and operate in a true multi-vendor ecosystem.

Our solutions are flexible enough to provide IP and optical solutions to the networking challenges experienced. For example, we’re one of the leaders in providing mobile backward transport for 4G and we now have a fully-featured solution for 5G, that very few others can match. With our 5G hybrid solution approach, the network can be sliced using multiple optical and IP techniques. This allows the right slicing approach to be taken for each supported service type. Great for MNOs supporting multiple services but is also great for organizations that look to wholesale connectivity to these MMOs. For a couple of decades now, we have been the leaders in providing deterministic IP transport required to deliver mission-critical services. This transport becomes more important as businesses export more and more of their business-critical applications to ground, as gamers demand and are willing to pay for low latency, as 5G evolves to support more advanced services and bolted onto that, we have a world-class optical transport solution.