Security Applications

The Ribbon Security applications suite will detect and alert you to malicious VoIP traffic flows.  In addition, automated threat intelligence and security enforcement decisions can be shared across the network which reduces security management silos but more importantly, creates an overarching security umbrella that greatly reduces the VoIP threat landscape.  The Ribbon Security applications suite includes:


Protect your customer’s real-time communications from unwanted calls coming into their network that might appear to be valid calls but can tie up communication applications such as IVRs or PBX trunks with long call duration times. Ribbon TDoSProtect uses advanced algorithm and machine learning techniques to mitigate these attacks.  Advanced policies are applied at the edge of the network to siphon out these unwanted, disruptive calls from communications networks and applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced algorithm and machine learning techniques to siphon out unwanted, disruptive calls from your communications networks and applications
  • Detect calling anomalies based on metrics such as CAC by Calling number or long/short call durations, and more
  • Automatically alerts on and blocks rogue calling patterns


The sharing of threat intelligence data (including white/black lists) across network elements is the key to closing the security aperture of your real-time communications network. Ribbon NetProtect distributes threat intelligence policies across network devices so you can close the security aperture exposed by rogue communications. Distributed security policies between your SBCs and next-gen firewalls allows you to stop bad actors at the edge of the network. It also enables your organization to have a more effective and holistic security methodology across the converged (data and communication) network.

Features and Benefits

  • Network security intelligence sharing
  • Next-gen firewall integration
  • Blacklist and dynamic blacklist sharing
  • Signaling whitelist sharing

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