SBC Software Edition Lite

The Ribbon Session Border Controller Software Edition Lite (SBC SWe Lite) provides best-in class communications security with the convenience of deployment from the Azure Marketplace or on popular virtual machine platforms The SBC SWe Lite delivers:

  • VoIP Security (topology hiding, encryption, protection against Denial of Service attacks and more
  • Interoperability with leading PBXs, cloud UC services, SIP endpoints and SIP trunking providers
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing
  • Advanced call routing features such as Active Directory/LDAP server routing integration and onboard call forking
  • Powerful media services are included
  • Efficient architecture that uses fewer software resources, reducing the cost to deploy

The SBC SWe Lite dramatically simplifies the deployment of robust communications security services for SIP trunking, Direct Routing and cloud UC services. Organizations can deploy the software instantly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or from a virtual machine platform including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Linux KVM. The SBC SWe Lite protects SIP trunks, SIP endpoints and cloud UC services, including Microsoft Teams. Since it is software, it easily scales up or down based on the cloud environment or platform attributes you choose. It also includes support for a number of important media services, such as transcoding, that are critical for interoperability. In fact, the SBC SWe Lite supports up to 5,000 users proving that the only thing Lite about the solution is the time it takes to install it leveraging the solution’s powerful GUI interface.

SBC SWe Lite has been independently verified to deliver full protection and performance, even during severe security attacks. That should come as no surprise since Ribbon SBCs are widely deployed across the globe in many of the world’s largest communication networks, Ribbon’s engineering teams understand the importance of scale and resiliency.

The Ribbon SBC SWe Lite is certified for Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams and with Skype for Business. Ribbon has tens of thousands of deployments across the globe with industry leading endpoints providers, IP-PBXs and telecom providers on six continents.

Download our SBC SWe Lite Datasheet

View the SBC SWe Lite datasheets for a detailed list of services & capacities

Cloud or Virtual Machine Deployment

Easily deploy Ribbon SBC software in multiple virtual environments

Ribbon’s Session Border Controller, Software Edition Lite (SBC – SWe Lite) operates natively in the Azure and AWS Cloud as well as on virtual machine platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware and Linux KV . In minutes, an organization can deploy a Ribbon SBC to enable Teams Direct Routing or to connect almost any other cloud UC service to a dial tone provider. Organizations get the same ease of use and robust security services without having to deploy hardware. And, since it’s deployed in virtual environments, it can scale up or down as needed. Ribbon even offers a 30-day trial license so your organization can try it out.


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Ribbon SBC SWe Lite in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Survivable Branch Appliance Support

Enable Teams users to make and receive calls to/from the public telephone network if Microsoft 365 becomes unreachable. Microsoft’s Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) capabilities are delivered as fully virtualized software in concert with the SBC SWe Lite. Microsoft’s SBA services provide organizations an additional level of resiliency and peace of mind that calling services can be preserved if the cloud becomes unreachable. Microsoft SBA services are tightly integrated into the SBC SWe Lite’s Easy Configuration Wizard, making set-up and administration as simple as point and click. Ribbon eliminates any SBA related command line administration or stand-alone security certificate management. Learn more by downloading the SBA datasheet.

Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) for Microsoft Teams

Hardware, Software or Cloud

Visitors may notice the similarities between the SBC SWe Lite, SBC 1000 and SBC 2000, we hope so. Ribbon uses the same core software for these products so our customers can easily choose the size and deployment model that fits their environment. Each product delivers the same robust security services, ease of deployment and media management capabilities. The SWeLite includes the option to deploy on a virtualized platform or the cloud while the SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 provide options for physical interfaces (FXO/FWs, T1/E1, etc.) for device or PBX/ contact center migrations.

Review the chart below for more details.

Service Type SBC SWe Lite software on Azure Cloud Software Image
SBC SWe Lite
Turnkey Ribbon Appliance - SBC 1000 Turnkey Ribbon Appliance - SBC 2000
Microsoft Certified
Award Winning Security
SIP Trunk Provider Interoperability
PBX & Cloud UC Interoperability
Intuitive Web Configuration Tools
Advanced Call Routing Features
Tones & Annoucement Support
Comfort Noise & Silence Supression
Network Jitter Compensation
Music on Hold
Purchase Model Monthly as a Service One-time Purchase One-time Purchase One-time Purchase
Support Contract Included Annual Purchase Annual Purchase Annual Purchase
Maxium Users 5000 5000 600 1000
Maximun Concurrent Calls 1000 1000 192 600
T1/E1/ or BRI Ports (connects legacy PBXs) Local gateway required Local gateway required Up to 4 T1/E1 or 12 BRI ports Up to 16 T1/E1 – 2 x 8 T1/E1 spans
FXS Ports (analog phones, fax, etc.) Local gateway required Local gateway required Up to 24 FXS ports Up to 48 FXS ports – 2 x 24 ports
FXO Ports (analog lines for emergency calling, etc.) Local gateway required Local gateway required Up to 12 FXO ports Local gateway required
  More on SBC 1000 More on SBC 2000

Stone Brewing Deploys Ribbon SBC

Download our Session Border Controllers for Dummies

View the SBC Dummies Guide for more information on Ribbon's SBCs

Hear the Ribbon Difference

As a security element, SBCs inherently sit in the middle of the media path between the telecom provider and the phones or soft clients. Ribbon’s SBC SWe Lite uses that position to enhance media quality and manage interoperability between the endpoints and the telecom providers. Ribbon leverages our decades of experience building many of the world’s largest communications networks to deliver better sounding conversations. Our software better mitigates common voice quality issues our competitors typically leave to chance.

The SBC SWe Lite enhances:

  • Media Transcoding (to ensure device/ service interoperability)
  • Concealment of Network Jitter (to mitigate network anomalies)
  • Comfort Noise (to make conversation sound more natural)
  • Music on Hold fidelity (we still can’t guarantee you’ll like the tune)