Ribbon Communications' management solutions provide proactive applications that are best-in-class for unified operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning (OAM&P). Ribbon OAM&P solutions proactively support all of Ribbon’s call controllers, media gateways, application servers.;

Ribbon OAM&P Toolsets Include:

  • Manager manages faults, performance, security and system configuration.
  • Billing and Mediation collects and processes billing and voice quality information.
  • Provisioning and Portals provides self-administration tools for operators, large enterprises, small and medium business and end-users, to activate and manage new lines, SIP trunks, and endpoint services.
  • Assurance has monitoring and customer care tools to keep networks running smoothly and track and dispatch resources for issue resolution.

Ribbon Manager

Ribbon's Manager provides fault, performance and configuration management as well as a central security service for authentication and authorization. Ribbon Manager provides one standard means to manage all regular maintenance activities such as fault handling, patches, upgrades, and backup/restore. It's unified set of graphical user interfaces have a familiar look and feel and require less training and less time to use, resulting in lower operational costs.

Ribbon's Manager provides enhanced network security by utilizing secure protocols for information exchange and a central security architecture for user and permission management. Hardware flexibility allows it to reside on a blade in the Ribbon ATCA platform or in the standalone Rack-Mount Server.

Features and Benefits for Ribbon Manager

  • Unified Management: One standard, simple, unified connection to the operator’s Fault/Performance OSS
  • Reduced OpEx: Simplifies management architectures, reducing maintenance costs; uses familiar web GUIs that reduce the cost of training staff and facilitate a faster resolution of network issues
  • Improved Quality of Experience: Accelerates resolution of network problems, increasing perceived quality, reducing churn, and enhancing reliability
  • Hardware Flexibility: Deployable in an ATCA blade or in a standalone Rack Mount Server
  • Hierarchical Architecture: Supports a tiered architecture for element correlation and aggregation in larger networks
  • Flexible Deployment Options: Can be deployed in the NOC or C.O. as an aggregated solution management system or for direct network element management
  • Standards-based and Secure: Uses standard interfaces to the OSS as well as secure protocols and single sign-on

Ribbon Billing

Ribbon's Billing enables operators to enhance, simplify and modernize billing of Ribbon network services. Providing advanced storage, forwarding, correlation, aggregation transformation and analytic capabilities, Ribbon's Billing helps service providers reduce their operational expenses and identify new sources of revenue. It handles session-based as well as event-based billing records, correlates records from multiple sources, and delivers them in a record format that best suits the operator’s BSS system.

Providing true service provider operational intelligence, Ribbon's Billing manages records to optimize performance and analysis of the network. It includes end-to-end data reconciliation capabilities to reduce operational costs and identify unexploited profit.

Features and Benefits of Ribbon Billing

  • Competitive Advantage: Includes a rules-based mediation configuration that, without programming, allows a faster launch of new services
  • Speed-to-Market: Includes pre-bill adaptors and a modular design to ensure quick configuration and faster time-to-market
  • Cost and Profit Optimization: Provides true service provider operational intelligence
  • Simplified Management: A single system that seamlessly manages the billing data from different nodes, managed by an intuitive, web-based user interface
  • Standards Compliant: Standards-based and compliant with IPDR, 3GPP, and PacketCable

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals is an advanced suite of tools that provide subscriber provisioning, device provisioning, subscriber self-service, and network provisioning to Ribbon network elements. It includes GUIs for operator provisioning, such as line, dial plan, translations, business trunks, end-user provisioning, and end device provisioning.

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals allows subscribers to self-administer services. Fully customizable using company logos, fonts, and colors, it is available in various languages, can be accessed by web services (API) for integration into the operator’s workflow processes, and leverages web technologies to optimize costs and time-to-market.  It is multi-tenant by design and implements a data partitioning architecture that allows the introduction of service resellers.

Benefits of Ribbon Provisioning and Portals

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Save time by managing their communications services themselves instead of contacting a service center
  • Competitive Advantage: Accelerates time-to-market by delegating provisioning tasks to the end user or enterprise administrator
  • Cost Savings: Makes the complex task of provisioning subscribers simple, allowing for costs of administration to be significantly reduced
  • Multi-Tenant: Includes a data partitioning architecture that allows the creation of multiple solution offerings, wholesale and retail channels and reseller self-administration
  • Multi-Service, Flexible Architecture: Supports carrier grade equipment for voice, high-speed data, video and multimedia services

Ribbon Assurance

Ribbon Assurance is an advanced suite of analytical tools and services designed to manage an operator’s service assurance agreements. It enables the verification, validation and reporting of line and session quality issues in real-time, as well as tracking and swift closure of customer reported issues.

Ribbon's Assurance empowers operators to optimize their networks – technically and financially – through an enhanced understanding of network usage, network profitability, network performance metrics, and mean time to repair (MTTR) reports. It reduces customer churn by efficiently communicating customer-reported issues and proactively ensuring the reliability and predictability of network operations with capabilities such as the automatic issuing and closing of trouble tickets.

Features and Benefits of Ribbon Assurance

  • Quality Assurance: Provides an extensive suite of quality metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Capacity Indicators (KCIs) and quality assurance capabilities
  • Customer Satisfaction: Highlights potential issues including congestion and outages, resolving threats in real-time and safeguarding subscriber satisfaction
  • Quick Resolution: Empowers CSRs with the tools and knowledge base to solve many customer issues immediately without sending the problems to the next support level
  • Simplified Management: A collection of tools and monitoring capabilities focused on enhancing the end-user experience and planning for network growth
  • Service Visibility: Provides real-time status of the network without having to send engineers to the field; identifies patterns and highlights possible issues to CSRs
  • Investment Optimization: Enables capital investment optimization by improving network efficiencies and fostering revenue growth

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