The Ribbon T7000 Intelligent Switching System is an RUS-listed, carrier-class Class 5 switching gateway. The T7000 provides economical access to an extensive array of IP and circuit-based business products, as well as residential and mobile applications.

Based on patented “switch on a card” design, each interface card (or circuit pack) on the NEBS-compliant T7000 performs all of the functions you require of a Class 5 end-office switch and/or Media Gateway. The T7000 is the only product that can serve as a Class 4/5 switch, Media Gateway and Mobile Media Gateway on a per-channel basis on a single shelf.

Dedicated resources for call processing, service logic, switching fabric, media processing (including high-capacity transcoding of any codec to any codec) and signaling are performed on each card, providing the highest level of availability. The T7000 can scale from 40 to 50,000 ports in a single 17” X 24” shelf, enabling you to pay as you grow while providing profitable voice services from day one of deployment.

The T7000 consists of a shelf unit with 20 available slots. Each of the five available card types can be plugged into any of the 20 slots. Support for T1, E1, DS3, OC3/STM1 and Ethernet Gig-E physical interfaces and the industry’s most comprehensive set of codecs including HD voice, AMR, EVRC and 4G LTE (WB-AMR) voice codecs are available.

T7000 Features & Benefits

  • RUS listed and certified compliant with the most rigorous industry standards and regulations
  • Features any-to-any interface interworking flexibility--whether optical, copper, TDM or Ethernet
  • Scalable distributed processing model with easily expandable switching capacity
  • Carrier-grade reliability: broadband passive midplane architecture; resource-efficient, high-density design; non-blocking switching fabric; and exceptional fault tolerance