Ribbon Secure Telephone Identity (STI)

As a component of Ribbon Call TrustTM, Ribbon provides a STIR/SHAKEN-compliant Secure Telephone Identity (STI) solution. Ribbon STI is a complete call authentication, signing, and verification solution. Ribbon STI is compliant with ATIS-1000082 and RFC8224/8225/8226.

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Ribbon STI implements the ATIS-82 server side specifications and can be deployed within a service provider’s network or as part of a Ribbon hosted STIR/SHAKEN as a Service offer. Ribbon STI provides the following services or functions:

  • STI-AS: STI-Authentication Service
  • STI-VS: STI-Verification Service
  • SKS: Secure Key Store
  • STI-CR: STI-Certificate Repository

In a service provider’s network, which may have many SBCs and gateways, communication with Ribbon STI can be centralized via the Ribbon PSX, but Ribbon STI can be invoked through any ATIS-82 API compliant client.

Ribbon STI also has an important role to play with respect to Ribbon Identity Hub. In the terminating service provider’s network, in the absence of Ribbon Identity Hub, the PSX communicates directly with the Ribbon STI for caller verification. However, if a customer purchases identity assurance services from Ribbon Identity Hub, the PSX does a single API call to Ribbon Identity Hub which will service chain multiple API calls for both real-time data, such as call verification information from STI, and non-real time data, such as robocall information from industry databases.

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Features & Benefits

  • Complete STI solution for call authentication, signing and verification
  • Compliant with ATIS-1000082 and RFC8224/8225/8226
  • Enables a complete Ribbon STIR/SHAKEN solution
  • Deployable within a service provider’s network or as part of Ribbon’s STIR/SHAKEN as a Service

Controlled Networks chooses Ribbon STIR/SHAKEN