Centralized Policy and Routing (PSX)

Ribbon's centralized policy and routing solution (PSX) provides a better way to manage the security, complexity and cost of routing calls across any operator's network. PSX is designed as a scalable, high-availability architecture to optimize capital expenses by maximizing utilization of network resources. At the same time, single point of provisioning of a master database, which is propagated to multiple replicated databases for localized processing, greatly reduces the complexity and cost of operations. The PSX can be deployed in any fixed or mobile operators network, including as an IMS Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF).

The PSX plays an important role as an enabler for our customer’s implementation of STIR/SHAKEN. PSX interworks with SBCs and Gateways and with STIR/SHAKEN-defined Secure Telephone Identity to handle caller authentication or verification request queries and responses.

PSX also provides a key “broker” role, as part of Ribbon Call TrustTM. In real-time, for every call, the PSX can query Ribbon Identity Hub to request reputation scoring and call verification treatment. PSX will then provide instructions for call validation treatment to a terminating SBC or Gateway.

In addition, PSX CDRs can be fed into Ribbon Analytics to assist in determining potential robocall or fraud call attempts.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligently manage communications sessions (e.g. routing paths, priority, admission control), based on a multiple policies for least cost and QoS routing, including media type,source/destination and time of day/week
  • Standards-compliant, multi-protocol interoperability enabling the call routing engine to work seamlessly in heterogeneous voice networks including SIP, ENUM, H.323, TDM, SS7/C7, and IN/AIN
  • Extensive digit and parameter manipulation for extremely flexible routing decisions
  • Act as an SCP hosting number portability and number translation services
  • Geographic redundancy and disaster recovery deployment models, plus live upgrade capabilities deliver 99.999% availability, even during peak loads of millions of calls per hour
  • Support for STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) standards for caller authentication and verification
  • Support for Ribbon Call Trust, querying Ribbon Identity Hub for reputation scoring and acting on responses for call validation treatment. PSX also can feed CDRs to Ribbon Analytics for robocall and fraud detection