EdgeMarc 2900 Series

The EdgeMarc 2900 series of Intelligent Edge™ devices enable service providers and enterprises to future-proof their SIP trunking and unified communications deployments including Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Centrally Managed - EdgeView

The real power and value of an EdgeMarc deployment comes from its integration with the EdgeView Service Control Center. EdgeView enables service providers to rapidly deploy and manage hundreds or even tens of thousands of EdgeMarc appliances. EdgeView delivers zero touch provisioning to assure consistent, low-touch installations. It also offers granular real-time access to any site as well as reporting tools to holistically manage an entire network. As more services move to the cloud, service providers need a more intelligent way to deliver and manage communications services. It’s no wonder that service providers already have over half a million EdgeMarcs deployed.

Edgemarc Deployment Features and Offers




SIP Firewall


WAN Router


PSTN Gateway


Traffic Shaper


Voice Quality Monitor





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EdgeView Reporting and Notifications

EdgeView provides real-time data on call quality as well as tools for correcting issues with SIP interoperability.  EdgeView also provides network-wide reports, alarms, and trends, making it a powerful tool to monitor an entire network.

  • Multi-tenanted
  • Back-up Services
  • Alarming/Messaging
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
  • Integrated SD WAN config and management
  • Call Sampling and Aggregate Scoring
  • Remote Packet Capture
  • Analytics Resiliency
  • Full VoIP eco-system config control and management
  • Hosted Offering

Flexible Configuration Options

Every EdgeMarc 2900 series appliance offers dual Ethernet and Optical WAN connections to extend the capabilities of Ribbon’s Edge solution, supporting WAN connections up to 1 Gbps and up to 300 concurrent calls.  The 2900 series hardware can be licensed in concurrent call increments (see chart below) or acquired with an EdgeView Service Control Center subscription as part of an “as a service” model, Ribbon Cloud2Edge. 

There are 4 configurations for the EdgeMarc 2900 series appliances:



The value leader providing Ethernet and Optical WAN connections as well as 6 Ethernet LAN Switch ports

2900e PoE

Upgrades the LAN connectivity of the 2900e to 12 Power over Ethernet ports – ideal for centrally powering IP phones


Provides the 2900e services as well as 6 or 8 FXS (analog station) ports for analog phones, door phones, fax machines as well as up to 2 FXO ports for PSTN failover

2900 PoE

Upgrades the LAN connectivity of the 2900a to 12 Power over Ethernet ports – ideal for centrally powering IP phones

Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone Certified

EdgeMarc and EdgeView elements are deployed in some of the largest service provider networks in the world as well as hundreds of thousands of enterprises. That means we’ve integrated and deployed with all the major cloud UC providers, IP-PBX, and contact center products.

The EdgeMarc and EdgeView family is Microsoft Certified for Teams Direct Routing


The EdgeMarc and EdgeView family is Certified for Zoom Phone


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Because Quality & Security Matter

An EdgeMarc appliance bridges the gap between an enterprise’s network and a carrier’s network. In this pivotal position, the EdgeMarc and EdgeView can enhance both the quality and security of a conversation. The EdgeMarc 2900 can add encryption (SRTP/ TLS) to a call, even if the device in the premises doesn’t support it – including legacy PBXs and contact centers.

The EdgeMarc also has a powerful ability to seamlessly switch live calls between WAN links if a failure is detected. Live calls will be instantly re-routed on to the secondary WAN link – they stay connected. For businesses like travel, hospitality or tele-sales, this capability can mean preservation of thousands in revenue, not to mention increased customer satisfaction.


2900 Series Model Options

Capability EdgeMarc 2900e EdgeMarc 2900a EdgeMarc 2900e PoE EdgeMarc
2900a PoE
Centrally Managed by Edgeview
Maximum Concurrent Calls 300 300 300 300
WAN - Enternet Ports 2 2 2 2
WAN - Optical Ports 2 2 2 2
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports 6 6 12 PoE 12 PoE
FXO Ports (Analog lines)   0 | 2   0 | 2
Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports   8 | 6   8 | 6