High Availability Multi-Service Aggregation

The M6424 is a TSN-based Ethernet Fronthaul Platform with RoE Mapper for 4G CPRI, 5G eCPRI and Ethernet Services. The M6424 is a hardened switch supporting 25Gbps and 100Gbps interfaces and time sensitive networking (TSN) for latency and timing-dependent 5G networks.

M6424 Datasheet

M6424 Overview

The M6424’s high performance design is purpose built for Time Sensitive Networks(TSN), enabling advanced mobile networking architectures and applications with nanosecond timing requirements.

Connect direct to cellular radios using Common Public Radio Interface(CPRI) and eCPRI, bridging the traditional mobile network and Ethernet infrastructure for a modern centralized or cloud-based NFV mobile architecture.

CPRI traffic is encapsulated using IEEE 1914.3-compliant Radio-over-Ethernet(RoE) mappers, integrated synchronization provides performance that exceeds existing solutions.

Flexible network deployment, supporting both controlled and hardened environments. Centralized fronthaul aggregation to BBUs and cloud topologies feeding TOR to vBBU. Hardened remote deployment enables service blending, CPRI aggregation at the remote radio head (RRH) with evolving RRH small cell eCPRI densification.


Neptune 1022 Diagram

M6424 Benefits and Features


Radio Over Ethernet (RoE)


Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)




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Product Specification Highlights

Download M6424 Datasheet


Switch capacity: 800G

Physical Specification

19”, 1U Rack mountable(17”W x 1.7”H x 14.9”D)

Routing Capabilities

Layer 2 : Multicast, VLAN Translation, IGMP, IPMC
Layer 3 : v4/v6 Routing

RoE Mapping

IEEE 1914.3 compliant
Flexible, user configurable mapper
64 AxCs per port
Supported CPRI: 24.33024G, 12.16512G, 10.1376G, 9.8304G, 4.9152G, 2.44576G
Synchronization: BC, OC, TC, SyncE

High Availability

Dual, Load sharing hot swap AC/DC
Dual FAN module with field replaceable


BC, OC, TC, SyncE


3 levels of H-QoS

Ethernet Interfaces

1G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G

Operating Environment


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NPT Product Family

NPT IP Routers

Access Aggregation and Pre-Aggregation Family

Product M6424 NPT 1050 NPT 1100 NPT 1250 NPT 1300 NPT 2100
Fit 4G and 5G Fronthaul High Availability Access Edge Access Edge and Pre-Aggregation High Availability Access Edge and Pre-Aggregation High Availability Multiservice Aggregation High Performance Access Edge and Pre-Aggregation
Capacity 800 Gbps 300 Gbps 300 Gbps 300 Gbps 1 Tbps 800 Gbps
Service CPRI, eCPRI, TSN Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON Layer 2 VPN, EVPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON
Rack Units 1RU 1RU 1RU 2RU 3RU 1RU
Product Page M6424 NPT 1050 NPT 1100 NPT 1250 NPT 1300 NPT 2100