Ribbon's Manager provides fault, performance and configuration management as well as a central security service for authentication and authorization. Ribbon Manager provides one standard means to manage all regular maintenance activities such as fault handling, patches, upgrades, and backup/restore.  It's unified set of graphical user interfaces have a familiar look and feel and require less training and less time to use, resulting in lower operational costs.

Ribbon's Manager provides enhanced network security by utilizing secure protocols for information exchange and a central security architecture for user and permission management. Hardware flexibility allows it to reside on a blade in the Ribbon ATCA platform or in the standalone Rack-Mount Server.

Ribbon Manager Benefits:

  • Unified Management -- one standard, simple, unified connection to the operator’s Fault/Performance OSS
  • Reduced OpEx-- simplifies management architectures, reducing maintenance costs; uses familiar web GUIs that reduce the cost of training staff and facilitate a faster resolution of network issues
  • Improved Quality of Experience -- accelerates resolution of network problems, increasing perceived quality, reducing churn, and enhancing reliability
  • Hardware Flexibility -- deployable in an ATCA blade or in a standalone Rack Mount Server
  • Hierarchical Architecture –- supports a tiered architecture for element correlation and aggregation in larger networks
  • Flexible Deployment Options -- can be deployed in the NOC or C.O. as an aggregated solution management system or for direct network element management
  • Standards-based and Secure -- uses standard interfaces to the OSS as well as secure protocols and single sign-on

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Ribbon Manager

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