Provisioning & Portals

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals is an advanced suite of tools that provide subscriber provisioning, device provisioning, subscriber self-service, and network provisioning to Ribbon and third-party network elements.  It includes GUIs for operator provisioning, such as line, dial plan, translations, business trunks, end-user provisioning, and end device provisioning.

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals allows subscribers to self-administer services. Fully customizable using company logos, fonts, and colors, it is available in various languages, can be accessed by web services (API) for integration into the operator’s workflow processes, and leverages web technologies to optimize costs and time-to-market.  It is multi-tenant by design and implements a data partitioning architecture that allows the introduction of service resellers.

Ribbon Provisioning and Portals Benefits

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction -- save time by managing their communications services themselves instead of contacting a service center
  • Competitive Advantage -- accelerates time-to-market by delegating provisioning tasks to the end user or enterprise administrator
  • Cost Savings -- makes the complex task of provisioning subscribers simple, allowing for costs of administration to be significantly reduced
  • Multi-Tenant -- includes a data partitioning architecture that allows the creation of multiple solution offerings, wholesale and retail channels and reseller self-administration
  • Multi-Service, Flexible Architecture -- supports carrier grade equipment for voice, high-speed data, video and multimedia services