Muse is a modular suite of applications that lets you get the most out of your network, to create and turn up new services rapidly, and to ensure the network is optimized, available, and running at peak efficiency. Powered by a carrier-grade PaaS, Muse delivers real-time control over a programmable network infrastructure and automates the service and network operations life cycles. Providing users with access to just the applications they need.

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Why Ribbon?


Automated service delivery


Assure network performance


Innovate on a carrier-grade PaaS


Seamless and smooth migration

Muse SDN Orchestration

MUSE™ Network Controller

Cloud Native Network Monetization

Muse™ Applications for Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of services and network applications, from planning to implementation to health

Muse™ Service Applications

Creates different types of services, delivers and supports services instances to specific customers:

Muse™ Network Applications

Ensures the network infrastructure is in place, optimized, and running smoothly to support services:


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Muse™ Architecture

Muse™ Application Architecture

Muse offers a separation of concerns between applications and infrastructure. For simple control of both Ribbon and 3rd party equipment.