Analytics and Insights

In today’s rapidly changing telecommunications landscape, delivering higher customer satisfaction, operating your network efficiently, ensuring network security and innovating new products & services , are more difficult than it used to be. From Internet of Things (IoT), Over The Top (OTT) challenges, and mobile application growth through all the way to deployment of tomorrow's 5G network, there will be rich datasets on subscriber and network behavior, preferences, and needs. That is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with an analytics framework is vitally important for the future of service providers operations, network security, customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Ribbon's Analytics portfolio consists of Operations, Security and Monetization applications that deliver numerous out of the box use cases for services assurance, security and subscriber growth. Ribbon Analytics leverages Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)to identify most leading indicators of problems before they occur and does so in real-time. Powered by Ribbon Protect, our big data analytics platform, you can grow your investment with numerous out of the box applications to speed up deployments and provide a significant return on investment.

Two Ribbon Analytics components - Ribbon Protect and the Security Applications, provide key capabilities for Ribbon Call TrustTM our Identity Assurance solution.Ribbon Protect provides the ML-based inference engines and our Security Analytics portfolio analyzes network call data to proactively identify potential robocalls or fraud calls which it then feeds into the Ribbon Identity Hub for reputation scoring

Ribbon 5G Analytics

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