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In today’s rapidly changing telecommunications landscape, delivering higher customer satisfaction, operating your network efficiently, ensuring network security and innovating new products & services , are more difficult than it used to be. From Internet of Things (IoT), Over The Top (OTT) challenges, and mobile application growth through all the way to deployment of tomorrow's 5G network, there will be rich datasets on subscriber and network behavior, preferences, and needs. That is why Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with an analytics framework is vitally important for the future of service providers operations, network security, customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

Ribbon's Analytics portfolio consists of Operations, Security and Monetization applications that deliver numerous out of the box use cases for services assurance, security and subscriber growth. Ribbon Analytics leverages Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)to identify most leading indicators of problems before they occur and does so in real-time. Powered by our big data analytics platform, you can grow your investment with numerous out of the box applications to speed up deployments and provide a significant return on investment.

Ribbon Analytics applications provide key capabilities for Ribbon Call TrustTM our Identity Assurance solution. Ribbon Analytics platform provides the ML-based inference engines and our security analytics portfolio analyzes network call data to proactively identify potential robocalls or fraud calls which it then feeds into the Ribbon Identity Hub for reputation scoring

Ribbon 5G Analytics

Operations Analytics

Telco’s communications services are diverse, dynamic and run across multiple physical and virtual network domains, concurrently. There are so many possibilities in network and customer operations with advanced analytics. In network operations, analytics can provide comprehensive network view across multiple dimensions, including network element, cell, and devices. In customer operations, analytics can be used to provide carriers with detailed subscriber data usage information to help address data usage bill shock and improve customer care. With Ribbon Analytics, the analyzed data can help network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends and troubleshoot network issues pro-active and in-real-time. Further, with the subscriber information captured in real-time and stored historically, customer care agents can inspect each flow data for each subscriber in the network to provide the most accurate analysis of speed, latency, packet error rate, and failures. Ribbon Analytics can help telco operators fundamentally transform the network and customer operations with the following applications: customer care-data usage, customer experience analytics, operations analytics for fixed & mobile operators, data abuse analytics, and troubleshooting network performance. You can get more details on each of these applications from our resources.

Security Analytics

With the potential for malicious attacks via SIP and VoIP, real-time communication (RTC) services can benefit greatly from the added value of behavioral analytics and machine learning. Behavioral analysis combined with anomaly detection is crucial for detecting many types of fraudulent activity, making it an important part of securing RTC services.

Yet, even with behavioral analytics and anomaly detection, assuring the integrity of RTC services usually means a service provider will need both visibility and control over, a variety of disparate products. Unfortunately, these disparate products will rarely, if ever, interact with each other. Ribbon solves the security isolation issue by taking a unique integrated approach that collects data from multi-vendor networks elements and then distributes security policy across various security domain. This also results in the reduction of management silos and greatly reduces the overall threat landscape.

Services security need not be limited to a service provider’s network. In fact, service providers can differentiate themselves by bundling in a security offer with a managed RTC service offer to their enterprise customers. By providing behavioral analytics and anomaly detection for hosted traffic or SIP trunking service for an enterprise, a service provider can gain a new revenue stream and be more competitive.

In addition, Security Applications, provide key capabilities that enrich Ribbon Call TrustTM, our Identity Assurance solution. By analyzing network call data is it possible to proactively identify potential robocalls or fraud calls. Following detection and identification this information on bad actors is fed into the Ribbon Identity Hub, in near-real time, to enrich the reputation scoring models.

Security Analytics Features and Benefits

  • Establish a well-defined baseline for what is categorized as “normal” so deviations from this baseline can be quickly identified.
  • Centralize the detection and auto-mitigation RTC attacks and threats
  • Establish a comprehensive and correlated view of attack/threat activity that otherwise evade existing point solutions.
  • Stop toll fraud by continually analyzing call metrics during work and non-work hours.
  • Mitigate complex Telephony Denial of Service (T-DoS) attacks
  • Augment the ability to detect and block robocalls
  • Differentiate your solution portfolio with managed security

Monetization Analytics

Operators around the world looking to increase their revenues by monetizing their data assets face a great number of challenges including which use cases and customers they should focus on for the highest return, how to comply with their customer privacy policies, and how to create an entire new business sales and marketing channel.

The Ribbon Analytics “Monetization” applications enable you to monetize usage data and location information internally with your marketing departments or with third parties, while fully complying with subscriber privacy policies. Ribbon Analytics uniquely goes beyond traditional software based solutions and provides end-to-end marketing and sales services so operators can immediately realize new revenues. The Ribbon Monetization applications include: Marketing Analytics, Churn, Subscriber Profile, Content Categorization, ADID Discovery, Subscriber Monitor, CRM, Advertising, Campaign, Data Brokering, Publisher, MVNO.

To learn more on the Ribbon Analytics “Monetization” Applications above, please download from our resources.

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