Fixed Network Transformation

Service Providers today are still challenged by aging legacy network infrastructure that is expensive to maintain, difficult to extend or past lifecycles, and posing risks. Ribbon strategically works with service providers to achieve network cost reduction, accelerate time to market, and enable new IP services to stay competitive in the changing industry landscape. With our market leading fixed network modernization portfolio including our Call Controllers, Media Gateways, Signalling and Application Server platforms, Ribbon provides IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) enabled portfolio of Local, Regional and Tandem/Transit solutions for service providers.

Fixed Network Solutions

Fixed Network Transformation Portfolio

Intelligent Session Control

Dramatically increase your responsiveness to customer traffic demands for real-time communications

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

Best-in-Class IMS core, access, and interconnect elements

Local Network IP Transformation

Consolidate and modernize your infrastructure

SS7 Signaling

The state of network signaling for your network can be described by three characteristics: maturity of the…

Voicemail Transformation Messaging

Cloud Ready, Software-Based modern messaging platform

Signaling Security

Protect your subscribers from SS7 vulnerabilites

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