The state of network signaling for your network can be described by three characteristics: maturity of the Signaling System 7 (SS7) network; potential evolution of SS7 to the cloud and commitment to continue to support SS7 as seamlessly as possible.

For Ribbon, meeting your expectations for all three of these characteristics is clear. With a robust solution for SS7 signaling, a partnership with Cellusys for SS7 signaling security and a clear direction for how, and why, SS7 signaling can move into the cloud, Ribbon is committed to being a long-time SS7 signaling solution provider.

Features & Benefits

  • Same software solution supports SS7 STP in a proprietary appliance, in a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform, or in a virtual, orchestrated cloud model, enabling flexibility in deployment models
  • You get a single software solution for both SS7 STP and Diameter Signaling Controller
  • You can migrate SS7 signaling to the cloud when you are ready, yet maintain existing infrastructure as needed within a common management framework
  • Ribbon's partnership with Cellusys for signaling firewall functionality perfectly complements Ribbon SS7 STP and Diameter Signaling Control functionality

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