Ribbon’s IP Optical network solutions transports services intelligently according to their performance needs. The solutions are:

  • Service Aware – Transports services according to their performance needs.
  • Secure – Protects the network from deliberate or unintended misuse.
  • Low Code Automatable – Puts automation into the hands of network operators.
  • Forecast Tolerant – Adapts network resources to changing service demands.
  • Lowest TCO – Makes the most cost-effective use of IP Optical resources.

Intelligent Middle Mile White Paper

Unleash Your Network's Potential

Ribbon's IP Optical Solutions


Data Center Interconnect

Ribbon's data center interconnect solutions offers safe, secure, flexible, and ultra-low-latency optical connectivity, allowing you to serve a variety of end customers.


Multiservice 5G xHaul

Seamlessly integrating IP and Optical to provide the flexible network performance, Ribbon’s 5G xHaul solution is a reboot of the traditional mobile backhaul network.


400G to 1.2T

Ribbon's 400G Everywhere is the new building block for optical lanes, both for transporting ubiquitous 100GbE traffic and the growing 400GbE traffic.


IP/MPLS Solutions

Ribbon’s Automated Open IP provides fully programmable high-capacity, high-density IP routing.


Open Optical Networks

Ribbon makes it easy for network operators to leverage our Open Optical Network innovations.


TDM to IP Migration

Ribbon has the technology with field proven processes for migrating legacy SDN/SONET to IP

Intelligent Middle Mile Portfolio

Ribbon's IP and Optical solutions portfolio contains three interoperable product families:

Maximizing Middle Mile Profitability

Unlock the services value of last mile investments while minimizing TCO

Ribbon's Intelligent Middle Mile

Ribbon’s Intelligent Middle Mile network solutions maximize the services potential of last mile wireless and fiber investments. We add intelligence and automation to seamless IP Optical networks to deliver service-aware transport from the access to the core with lowest TCO.



Ribbon is Ready

Ribbon’s IP Optical solutions support multiple network topologies and geographies for a broad range of Service Provider, Private Network and regulated industry customers.


Service Providers

  • Telcos
  • Broadband Service Providers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Mobile Network Operators (Cellular)
  • Multi-System Operators (Cable)
  • Rural Carriers and altnets
  • Carrier of Carriers


Private Networks

  • Enterprises
  • Regulated Industries -- Electric, Power, Oil, Water
  • Transportation Communications for Rails, Highways and Ports
  • Research and Education Networks
  • Defense Networks
  • Cloud Service Providers