Session Border Control as a Service (SBCaaS)

Session Border Control (SBC) is a critical network function for real-time communications in the cloud.  Service providers have multiple SBC deployment options, ranging from appliance-based in a data center or virtual implementations leveraging private cloud resources.  By harnessing the power of network functions virtualization (NFV) it is now possible to offer Session Border Control as a Service (SBCaaS).

As a managed service, Ribbon's SBC SWe may be deployed at the edge of a service provider's cloud in a virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) deployment, or in an even more distributed manner where the SBC SWe software residing on the customer premises, deployed as a universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE).

Session Border Control as a Service - Service Provider Benefits

  • Turn up services for customers in minutes/days rather than weeks/months
  • Optimize total cost of ownership using orchestration, virtual machine resources and commercial off the shelf (COTS) platforms
  • Elasticity to match virtual resources to dynamic traffic profiles

Session Border Control as a Service - Enterprises Benefits

  • Eliminates need to procure, install, deploy, and maintain SBCs
  • More easily align required SBC capacity with seasonal business or high variability in traffic levels
  • Provides the ability to add/reduce capacity using a pay-as-you-go subscription model