Optical Networking

As traffic from the network edge continues to grow – thanks to cloud services, video streaming, 4G/5G mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things – the pressure on the core network is multiplied. The core network is a strategic asset. In the fluctuating business environment, it must play a greater role than being just a traffic exchange. You want to ensure that the core networking investments that you make today will continue to serve you for many years to come. Uncompromising power, versatility, and intelligence to address today’s core networking challenges with confidence.

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Transport and aggregation to support a wide range of services economically


Simplified Operations

Comprehensive, open, standards-based management



Pluggable, programmable network agility


Flexible Deployment

 From the central office to street cabinet

ROADM's Rule the Waves

ROADM Applications and Technologies Explained

Open Line Systems, As You Like It

The trend of disaggregated optical networking systems is picking up steam. Driven by the need to spur price competition and optimize optical performance, carriers are looking to assemble such systems using distinct optical subsystems with well-defined control interfaces. Click here to find out how Ribbon’s flexible building blocks can help you pursue a modular, disaggregated approach.

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Open Line Systems,As You Like It

Reimagining Core Networking

Reimagining Core Networking

Aggregation networks are often the focus of telecom innovation because they support traffic flows from businesses, homes, and mobile base stations. This is where communications service providers have traditionally established their revenue streams. The core network is often viewed as a cost center; but in the wake of increased traffic demands and the need for new revenue streams, it’s more important than ever that you turn your core network into a profit center by supporting advanced service interfaces.

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Moving Forward with Open Optical Networks

The pressure is on for the industry to deliver more open and interoperable optical networks. Carriers are asking for open line systems or fully disaggregated optical solutions. But are network operators ready and willing to trade off performance for openness? Ribbon joined forces with Fujitsu and IHS Markit to answer this as well as other questions. View the OnDemand webinar to learn more about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Moving Forward with Open Optical Networks