Accelerating Cloud Connect for Webex Calling Deployments

Ribbon is an Enablement Provider for Cloud Connect for Webex Calling. Ribbon provides both the certified infrastructure and expertise to enable service providers to offer their telecom services for Webex Calling. Ribbon Connect for Webex takes the complexity out of that integration process, it accelerates time to market and eliminates the need for providers to initiate significant IT programs to integrate solutions. Thousands of businesses already use Cisco solutions for premises-based phone systems, Webex Calling offers a compelling migration path to the cloud, and telecom providers need to be ready to take that journey with their customers.

Ribbon Connect for Webex leverages Ribbon’s carrier-grade SBCs, deployed in a high availability configuration. Ribbon SBCs encrypt and secure all the media and signaling traffic as well as normalize traffic to ensure interoperability.

Cloud Connect for Webex calling Diagram

Available globally with direct peering to the Webex Cloud

Carrier-Grade Performance for Cloud Peering

Built on Ribbon Carrier-Grade Platforms

Cloud Connect operates on a cloud-to-cloud IP Peering deployment model, requiring a highly scalable and resilient connection. With over 1,000 service providers as customers, supporting tens of millions of lines, Ribbon understands that resiliency and uptime are table stakes for every deployment. Ribbon Connect for Webex is built on the same proven Ribbon elements that power the globe’s largest telecom networks. That means elements that deliver carrier-grade scale and carrier-grade reliability; operated by individuals with carrier expertise.

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Don’t Risk Your SIP Trunking Revenue

The market is changing…you need to change too

Cisco and Webex’s reputation for best-in-class enterprise features enhanced with AI-driven capabilities, 3rd party integrations, and award-winning devices has attracted the attention of businesses globally. Webex Calling is the right answer for these global organizations. Providers need to act expeditiously to protect their market.  Otherwise, enterprise IT staff may simply “shop” the available Calling Providers on to get telecom services – leaving you out of the picture. 

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Connect Once - Deploy Multiple Cloud UC Offers

Web Ex Ribbon Connect Unified Communications Diagram

Service providers recognize that they need move quickly to offer SIP trunks for Webex Calling and other cloud UC solutions.  However, every cloud service has different integration requirements, that often include unique APIs. That’s where Ribbon Connect comes in! Ribbon Connect provides a common platform to integrate with multiple UC vendors. Telecom providers can integrate once with Ribbon Connect and gain access to multiple cloud UC services. And we won’t stop with UC, as we plan to add cloud contact centers too.

Ribbon Connect is designed to be less expensive than creating multiple in-house solutions, not to mention faster and easier. Rather than building multiple practices from scratch, providers share the costs with their peers and leverage the power of a wider community.


People You Can Count On

Expertise Professional Service Operator Connect


Ribbon has Professional Services Teams to Assure a Successful Migration

Ribbon’s Professional Services organization has hundreds of experienced voice specialists and partners; our staff averages over 15 years of experience. It’s no surprise that individuals of this caliber have extensive technical depth, network breadth, multi-vendor expertise, and have developed specialized tools to accelerate migrations.

Ribbon has completed more than 1,000 switch collapses (with thousands and thousands of remotes) and migrated over 40 million ports, on dozens of different platforms.


Ribbon is Ready

Only Ribbon has decades of experience deploying the largest service provider networks. Webex’s Cloud Connect deployment model requires carrier-grade IP Peering, using high-availability infrastructure. The combination of carrier-grade products, Webex expertise, and a professional services team with decades of carrier experience, makes Ribbon Connect for Webex the right choice to expand your business services.

Ribbon is Ready