Ribbon enables network to network interconnect, by delivering seamless interoperability, scale, security, and QoS assurance for voice and multimedia services. Ribbon’s SIP Trunking solution supports VoIP, VoLTE, HD voice, HD Voice with Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), media transcoding, video pass-through traffic. Whether you are a mobile network operator, a fixed network provider, a Multiple-System Operator (MSO), an IPX or wholesale services provider, or an over-the-top services provider, feel confident putting interconnect traffic in the hands of the vendor whose solutions manage network-to-network interconnection in many of the largest, most demanding communication service providers worldwide. Trust the company whose solutions handle over 5 billion real-time communications sessions per day.

Network-to-Network Interconnect

SIP Trunking for network-to-network interconnection is the industry norm because of its ability to scale, inherent cost advantages, extended service reach and proven resiliency. Ribbon enables high-scale IP peering with its proven carrier-class session border controllers (SBCs) and policy and routing (PSX) solution. Ribbon’s SBCs are highly-scalable, enabling seamless interoperability, security, and QoS assurance between disparate IP networks for voice and multimedia services and are typically deployed in high availability configurations to ensure service reliability. Ribbon’s PSX provides centralized policy and routing to simplify the complexity and cost of routing calls. PSX is also designed to be very high-scale, with a high-availability architecture for its centralized master database and the propagation of data to multiple replicated databases for localized processing, greatly reducing the complexity and cost of operations. Ribbon's wide-ranging solution supports VoIP, VoLTE, HD voice, Full HD Voice with Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), media transcoding for multiple codecs, video, IM, presence and RCS services.

NNI Connectivity Diagram

Cloud Native, Virtual, or Hardware – Your Choice

With more and more communications services being deploying in private or public clouds, network-to-network connectivity now includes cloud-to-cloud connectivity. A good example of this is Microsoft’s Operator Connect which is specifically defined as a cloud-to-cloud connectivity (between a network operator’s cloud and Microsoft Azure) to provide SIP trunking for Microsoft Teams deployments.

Ribbon’s SBCs are certified for Operator Connect and ideally suited to support the high volume of encrypted calls across a carrier-grade IP connection.


Network To Network Interface Solutions