Ribbon enables network to network interconnect, IP eXchange, and intelligent session control by delivering seamless interoperability, security, and QoS assurance for voice and multimedia services. Ribbon's wide-ranging solutions supports VoIP, VoLTE, HD voice, HD Voice with Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), media transcoding, video pass-through, IM, presence, VoWiFi, and Rich Communication Services (RCS) for wholesale operators.

Feel confident putting your wholesale carrier services in the hands of the vendor whose solutions manage well over 5 billion real-time communications sessions per day.

Network to Network Interconnect

For many network operators, IP connectivity has become the norm, with an integral part of that decision based on inherent cost advantages, extended service reach and proven resiliency. Ribbon enables high-scale IP peering with its proven session border controllers (SBCs) and policy (PSX) solution by delivering seamless interoperability, security, and QoS assurance between disparate IP networks for voice and multimedia services.

Disaggregated Optical Networks As You Like It

Reimagining Core Networking

The trend of disaggregated optical networking systems is picking up steam. Driven by the need to spur innovation and competition, carriers are looking to assemble such optical networks with best-of-breed subsystems with well-defined control interfaces. Ribbon is on board this train with a disaggregated optical line system featuring shared spectrum, programmable high-performance transmission, and OTN switching.

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Migration from TDM to IP Peering

There are plenty of network operators who still have TDM interconnects, for at least a portion, if not a majority, of their peering traffic. These service providers will still be using TDM – IP gateways at their peering sites and most of them will be looking at migrating their interconnect traffic from TDM to IP because of the significant savings they can achieve. As part of this migration a Signaling Only SBC (SO-SBC) can be used to minimize the complexity of the TDM to IP migration.  While it is possible to do a flash cutover from legacy gateways to SBCs, most service providers avoid this, in favor of a more methodical migration spread out over a longer time period. During this migration the SO-SBC can query PSX to support intelligent routing rules to enable graceful traffic management.


IP eXchange Solution

Ribbon’s standards-compliant IP eXchange capabilities, enable wholesale carriers, international long-distance providers, inter-exchange carriers, GRX operators, global Inter Service Providers, fixed and cable networks Mobile Network Operators to extend their service offerings. It lays the foundation for new cloud-based, and hosted multimedia IP interconnect services and over-the-top services.

Ribbon’s IPX solution delivers multivendor interoperability and seamless interworking between variations in signaling and media protocol used by network elements and devices that are often encountered when interconnecting SIP and diameter-based services.

The solution consists of our award winning:

Carrier-grade IPX solutions from Ribbon are key to ensuring best network performance through efficient policy control, network and application security, traffic routing and prevention of network overloads. Comprehensive QoS assurance ensures best session performance and quality of experience for end users.

Intelligent Session Control


Everyday wholesale operators leverage Ribbon's intelligent session control solution  to improve the scalability, flexibility and security of their interconnect networks.  Ribbon delivers a complete solution with the security, policy control, signaling and media interworking needed to ensure all interconnect providers’ success.  

With Ribbon, wholesale carriers know they will be able to secure signaling and media traffic across disparate network types, with centralized policy management and intelligent session control.

Ribbon Advantages for Wholesale Carrier Services

  • Suite of carrier-grade security tools: topology hiding, encryption, media policing, signaling security, toll fraud and spam prevention, DoS/DDoS/TDoS protection, access and call admission controls
  • Multi-protocol support to assure seamless interworking across disparate IP and IMS architectures
  • Broad range of fixed and mobile media transcoding capabilities including EVS and video pass thru
  • Integrated centralized routing and policy capabilities for quality and resource optimization, ENUM enablement, number portability, least cost and media optimized routing
  • Integrating session management with policy control increases your responsiveness and makes you more agile to adjust to changing network and traffic conditions
  • Quality of Service (QoS) assurance via signaling/media packet marking and proactive monitoring
  • Advanced reporting, routing, and policy enforcement for streamlined administration and greater quality of experience
  • Multi-vendor interoperability and interworking between variations in signaling and media protocol used by network elements and devices when interconnecting SIP and Diameter-based services.
  • Flexible and scalable deployment models, from appliance to virtual to NFV cloud environments