In an Increasingly Interconnected World a Rosetta Stone for Messaging Makes all the Difference

As communications networks evolve, interconnects tend to grow in numbers and complexity. Carriers and enterprises are converting core networks to IP, and are using IP to con­nect with peering entities. For the network core to deal with the emerging universe of applications, networks and devices, those elements must first be normalized at the edge.

The Five Trends in Service Provider Network Transformation from our Conversations with Global Leaders

Over the last several years, we have been working with some of the largest and most successful Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the world, and it's been fascinating to be part of their transformation teams, contributing to their large-scale projects, as virtualized and software defined networks emerge and legacy networks continue to fade into the past. 

2015 Will Be the Year of Cloud Communications-as-a-Service As Investments Start To Pay Off

2014 was a remarkable year at GENBAND, as we continued to bring better ways of working and communicating to our growing channel partner network, who in turn leveraged our cloud (NUViA) and platform (Kandy) as well as our SIP Trunking and Application Server offerings to improve their offerings – and bottom line profits.

Partner Advantage: Build From Your Base by Extending, Consolidating & Expanding Real-Time Communications

We are experiencing a tremendous response to one of our most unique offerings, which makes it possible for our partners to serve customers with Nortel investments by keeping their networks – and phones – in place by providing a centralized session management platform connecting multiple branch offices.

Bridging the New Network Mobile Mosiac – Complex Interconnection and Interworking Simplified With a New Session Grid Approach

The mobile market place is undergoing major shifts and mobile carriers are facing major challenges in staying competitive in delivering services, and scaling their networks efficiently. Voice and SMS are commoditized, and the revenues are shifting from voice to data while the combined revenue of voice and data is not able to keep pace with the rising cost of delivering mobile data. VoLTE and RCS investments, while visionary, are not making a positive impact on top and bottom lines fast enough.

The Pricing Wars: Understand the Partner Ecosystem You’re Playing With And Sometimes Playing Against

At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom-line. As partners look at managing their business to increase profitability and making decision on which line-cards to carry, which services to offer, workforce management and which growth areas to drive to solidify the monthly recurring revenue (MRC) streams. However, it’s important as you look at your business to also understand what vendor partner ecosystem are you in.