Operator Connect is an telecom operator (telecom provider) based service that allows a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calling to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Operator Connect is a next-generation cloud-to-cloud interconnect solution to enable service providers (operators) to provide SIP trunk connectivity to Microsoft Teams deployments.

How Operator Connect Works

Operator connect is uses an API-centric integration model, allowing IT managers to easily connect their provider and assign phone numbers to users directly within the Microsoft Teams admin dashboard. Operator Connect “apps store” like buying experience inside the Teams Admin Center so that Teams administrators no longer need to call a service provider’s contact center or engage with a systems integrator to acquire and deploy PSTN services. Operator Connect is an alternative to Direct Routing that simplifies connectivity to a telecom provider without requiring an Session Border Controller (SBC). As a newer offer from Microsoft, Operator Connect is currently only available in North America, Western Europe, and select parts of Asia.While it may not be available everywhere just yet, Operator Connect that's definitely worth keeping an eye on as it continues to grow and expand.


Operator Connect Accelerator FAQ

Microsoft is rolling out Operator Connect Accelerator and Ribbon want to help you understand the nuances of the new service.  Also, we help carriers quickly and easily become a Logo to select within the Teams Admin as a direct routing provider. Learn more about Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams Phone System with Ribbon's quick Teams Operator Connect FAQ Video which covers:

  1. What is Operator Connect Accelerator.
  2. How a Service Provider joins the Operator Connect Program.
  3. Ribbon's role in the Operator Connect Accelerator.
  4. Why should a Service provider use Operator Connect.
  5. How Operator Connect simplify deployments.

Operator Connect FAQ Video

Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Operator Connect

Ribbon Connect for Operator Connect takes the complexity out of that integration process, it accelerates time to market and eliminates the need for providers to initiate significant IT programs. Ribbon Connect also provides web portals and automated workflows that make it easier for businesses to get engaged with a provider and deploy telecom services. Ribbon solutions make it easier for businesses to acquire and deploy Session Initiation Protocol (SIP trunks) from the Teams Admin Center. Ribbon’s entire portfolio of SBCs support Microsoft Operator Connect. Every Ribbon SBC that is certified for Microsoft Direct Routing is also certified for Operator Connect. That’s because Microsoft did not change the call control parameters between Direct Routing and Operator Connect. That means that if a service provider has an existing Ribbon SBC 5400, Ribbon SBC 7000 or Ribbon SBC SWe, with a recent software revision, it’s extremely likely they are ready to support Operator Connect based services.

Operator Connect Solutions