Certifiably Sound Security Governance through End-To-End Session Border Control

November 5th, 2018

When it comes to ensuring network security and availability, military and defense organizations take technology seriously, and in the case of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), all telecommunications related equipment and software must pass the highest muster and earn Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification.


Earlier this year, Ribbon announced that our end-to-end session management, control and security solution, including our Session Border Controller 7000 and G5 Media Gateway, achieved JITC certification by the DoD and are now included on the Approved Products List (APL).

After more than two decades of R&D, testing, massive implementations around the world, and Ribbon’s acquisition and integration of leading technologies across the spectrum of session management for the ultimate in real time communications (RTC) optimization, Ribbon is one of the only companies in the world to bring together all of the pieces required in a fully interoperable fashion, with software that manages every call initiation from the enterprise edge, through the network, and to the receiving edge, moving each call securely and with outstanding fidelity.

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Scale matters.

Ribbon’s SBC 7000 was architected to provide the industry's highest capacity for scaling of real time communications (RTC) traffic and the G5 Media Gateway provides high-density support for analog line migrations, making this combination the ideal solution for network modernization, as more and more calls are moving from fixed lines to mobile devices.

Economics matter.

Ribbon's carrier-grade scale enables enterprises and organizations including the DoD to substantially reduce power, floor space, and maintenance costs, saving taxpayer dollars, in the case of government implementations, and improving the bottom lines of large, global enterprises.

Choices matter.

The SBC 7000 and G5 Media Gateway aren’t the only Ribbon products to have been certified and added to the DISA Approved Products List. Other solutions on the DISA APL include the SBC Software Edition (SWe), SBC 5110, SBC 5210, Voice Exchange 900 (VX 900) and the Application Server (as both an Enterprise and Local Session Controller). Network architects can now leverage technology they trust, across the many different types of government and business voice applications, knowing also that Ribbon’s commitment to quality, continuity, service and support are proven and appreciated by the most demanding organizations in the world.

JITC certification is not easy to achieve. Every candidate product and technology goes through a rigorous testing process, featuring comprehensive interoperability and information assurance tests to validate and certify vendor products for operation in DoD networks.

Software matters.

We are extremely proud of the fact that Ribbon is one of the only vendors in the industry to have received certifications for both virtual and appliance-based solutions.

The JITC certification of our SBC 7000 and G5 Media Gateway are the latest examples of our ongoing commitment to providing the DoD with the most extensive set of carrier-grade, best-in-class security and voice communications solutions. The G5 Media Gateway works in perfect harmony with our certified Application Server and third-party solutions. Adding the SBC 7000 means that nearly all of our core Session Border Controller solutions are now available on the DISA APL.

Experience matters.

We take this responsibility very seriously and this solution certification reflects our focus on bringing industry-leading security capabilities to market.

Kevin Riley, Ribbon’s Chief Technology Officer and Technical Contact for the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC), sums up our approach to supporting the DoD very nicely.

“We are continually investing in DISA solutions and clearly leading the market in providing the latest in security and VoIP application technology to the DoD. Securing communications infrastructure is top of mind with our customers and our products play a critical role towards this end,” said Riley.

Flexibility matters.

"Our comprehensive set of voice communications and security solutions allow us to scale and secure the smallest of enterprises up to the largest of deployments such as the Department of Defense,” Riley concluded.

Success matters.

Earlier this year, we announced that our JITC-certified Application Server was part of one of the largest Voice over IP (VoIP) deployments in DoD history, deploying more than 60,000 seats to the command and control organization.

The future matters.

The SBC 7000, which can scale up to 150,000 sessions via simple software licenses, was architected to provide the industry's highest scaling capacity with fully enabled security, media and transcoding features, allowing operational teams to expand capacity in days, not months.

The SBC 7000's massive scale empowers service providers and large enterprises to leave behind traditional "racking and stacking" of small capacity SBCs to accommodate growth, resulting in faster deployment times and reduced operational expenses.

Today, nearly the entire Ribbon SBC core portfolio is available on the US DoD’s APL. We are proud to deliver one of the most comprehensive sets of virtualized and appliance-based security, voice and applications communications solutions on this list, bringing the most advanced session management capabilities to governments, enterprises, small and medium sized businesses, and of course to the world’s greatest Communications Service Providers in the world’s largest countries.

During a time when communications networks are being compromised, being able to bring security solutions that protect what we connect is meaningful work, and when that work is recognized by many of the top minds in voice communications, and implemented in massive, important networks, the Ribbon team is more proud than ever to serve.

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