GENBAND Mobile Life: Making Your Communications Experience Easier

November 8th, 2012
Sara Hughes, GENBAND’s Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for Applications

In today’s always on, always connected world we are busier than ever.   Wouldn’t it be great if we could simplify at least one aspect of our hectic lives? GENBAND Mobile Life allows you to do just that. 

Instead of having to manage several different applications downloaded from various locations, GENBAND Mobile Life is the first of its kind to provide everything you need to simplify your communications experience on a single, browser-based application – and you can access it from any device that supports a browser.  

For example, on a recent business trip to London I was able to video chat with my husband, who was back home in Texas.  During our conversation I wanted to share some of the photos that I had taken during my trip with my son, so I sent him an instant message. He was able to join our video chat and we all enjoyed the great photos of London that I had taken. 

In addition to allowing you to video chat, email, IM, photo-share among many other things, GENBAND’s Mobile Life includes several additional features that allow you to better manage your personal life including Family Conference, Family Blended Address Book, Family Manager, Family Calendar, Family Communicator, Family File Sharing, Family TV Manager and Family Messaging.

As a busy professional who travels frequently, having greater visibility into my kids and spouse’s schedules and the ability to communicate and collaborate with them in a number of convenient ways is invaluable. 

To see how GENBAND’s Mobile Life can simplify your communications experience check out our Mobile Life video!

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