GENBAND S3 Session Border Controller: The Intelligent SBC

November 13th, 2012
Ashish Jain, GENBAND’s Director of Solutions Marketing for Session Border Controllers

The communications landscape continues to change and the pace of change is now accelerating at a very rapid rate. This growth is being driven by a number of factors related to the growth of IP-based communications services including the rise of SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, IP-to-IP Interconnect, IP Exchange, and LTE. Traditional telecommunications business models are under attack from Over-The-Top providers and Av­erage Revenue Per User (ARPU) is not keeping pace with network costs. The PSTN model centered around voice services is continuing to decline and carriers are aggressively transitioning to IP deployments to offer increased flexibility to their consumers to choose from a rich suite of multimedia communication services.

But, flexibility often means complexity. Every incremental piece of functionality or service that is added to IP communications comes with a new set of challenges (network and user security, a new translation, another configuration screen, an additional dial or knob to the SBC, etc.) to ensure that the session makes its way successfully from end-to-end and with high quality. The SBCs ever increasing role in stitching together partner networks and delivering seamless communications across a multi-vendor, multi-protocol, multi-architecture environment often yields significant operational challenges:

  • Lack of skilled resources
  • Significant network and device interoperability time and cost
  • Enormous documentation footprint
  • Difficult to troubleshoot errors
  • Lack of network and service performance insight to assure quality

By embedding a decade’s worth of SBC domain knowledge into the S3™ software, GENBAND offers a new generation of SBC – The Intelligent SBC – that delivers security solutions which adapt to network behavior, performs real-time holistic evaluation of the network and service performance and enforces insightful policies to assure quality, provides flexibility to ensure any-to-any seamless interworking and intuitive session routing with dynamic policy feedback.

The GENBAND Intelligent S3 SBC was recently recognized by the independent testing facility, Miercom Test Labs, for its market-leading scalability after subjecting the solution to a battery of strenuous performance and resiliency tests. According to Miercom, the GENBAND S3 SBC offered “unmatched” scalability performance and resiliency benchmarks in Access and Peering Networks. 

GENBAND’s S3 SBC has been instrumental in enabling secure, scalable, and seamless communications across many of the largest fixed and mobile IP communications networks in the world including well-known brands suchas British Telecom, Orange Business Services, Hong Kong Broadband and iBasis amongst many other communications companies around the globe.

Learn more about the market-leading GENBAND S3 SBC in this short video.  

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