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January 29th, 2014

We recently  announced Generation Enterprise, a unique and disruptive way for enterprises to communicate in real-time.  GENBAND has built its reputation on transforming communications networks,  now we are transforming enterprises – adding to an already impressive list of vital organizations that we’ve been helping for years such as universities, healthcare systems, financial services firms, government agencies and multinationals.

After acquiring and integrating some really cool businesses, including a large portion of Nortel a few years ago, GENBAND unveiled Generation Enterprise at Arrow S3’s stellar sales event in Miami. Our President of Enterprise Sales, Jon Jorgl, presented a keynote and shared our successes in working closely with the Arrow S3 team to bring cloud-based Communications as a Service (CaaS) to many of their largest customers.

We’ve been working closely with partners like Arrow, and their customers, as well as our 700 service providers, to make sure our substantial investments in new software development not only address today’s challenges but creates huge opportunities. As the communications technology landscape shifts and business communications moves fully into an all-IP world, innovations like WebRTC and over-the-top are making it possible for us to deliver an incredible user experience, with proven scale and reliability and a great return to our customers. Our investment in our SPiDR WebRTC gateway and acquisition of fring late last year demonstrate our commitment to these communications software innovations.

What I find most exciting is that while the software and SIP networking solutions we’ve built and deployed with some very cool beta customers can be installed as a “greenfield” solution by forward-thinking businesses, we also have created a road map for large enterprises who have invested in PBX infrastructures like the Nortel CS2100.  Your existing desktop phones can continue to serve the business, while also being unified with mobile devices and web communications via WebRTC.

Another exciting announcement that we have just made is the introduction of our SMART OFFICE 2.0 solution, which I will cover in more detail a separate post later this week.  SMART OFFICE 2.0 is the industry’s first WebRTC-compliant soft client built specifically with today’s mobile workforce in mind.  We’ve been using SMART OFFICE ourselves here at GENBAND – imagine a conference call adding you on your tablet, rather than having to scramble to pull up the meeting on your laptop; make sure you have the conference number and passcode; dial in from your phone; then sit through a long “roll call” while everyone joins.  Who needs that kind of unnecessary friction and stress, especially with business moving faster than ever!

We had an incredible year in 2013, and 2014 is off to an amazing start. Check out the Generation Enterprise video. We’re building for the next generation of workers, and right now that’s us!  I’m really proud of the GENBAND team and of Generation Enterprise!

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