Enterprise Media Gateways

The most popular Unified Communications solutions don't have a strong analog station story deploying multiple analog station gateways can be expensive and the problem is magnified when hundreds or even thousands of analog stations per location are needed. Some analog stations cannot easily migrate to voice over IP, and wiring and cable plant issues can exacerbate the problem. When you factor in the cost of deploying multiple small and medium sized gateways, its very common to come to the conclusion that leaving analog ports on the old PBX system is less expensive than incorporating them into a UC rollout. This problem has driven many enterprises to keep their Legacy PBX systems in service for years beyond the original schedule in order to defer this cost, but this option gets more expensive each year maintenance costs are increasing, and experienced PBX engineers are getting harder to find and to keep.

G5 Analog to SIP Gateway

Ribbon’s solution to these problems is a High-Density SIP media gateway: The G5 Line Access Gateway solution. This solution, targeted at locations requiring 500 or more analog stations, is a carrier-grade gateway that supports long loop lengths - up to 25,000 feet in a fully redundant chassis that meets numerous carrier specifications for reliability, availability, and operational standards.

G6 Access Gateway Solution

The G6 Universal Media Gateways are custom designed to connect legacy telephony line access equipment into a C20-based IP core network. The G6 provides a full array of access trunk interfaces supporting PBX’s over T1/E1/PRI.