EdgeMarc 6000 Series

The EdgeMarc 6000 series of Intelligent Edge™ devices acts as a flexible demarcation/control point and service insertion device with physical telephony ports with the power to run multiple virtual network functions (VNFs).  Specifically designed for unified communications offerings, this network device can connect to a variety of digital and analog legacy systems.

Its ARM®-based architecture provides dramatic value, performance and scale, while automated “zero touch” provisioning, remote monitoring and management reduce operating expense.  The EdgeMarc 6000 has plenty of room to run VNFs to meet customer-specific needs.

The 6000 offers dual Ethernet and Optical WAN connections to extend the capabilities of Ribbon’s Network Edge Orchestration platform, supporting WAN connections up to 1 Gbps and 300 concurrent calls. It supports both outbound and inbound analog line (FXO/FXS) for applications such as PSTN fail-over, fax, and overhead paging.

Additionally, the 6000 series of Intelligent Edge™ devices offer a wireless WAN option. This can be used as a failover option to provide business continuity.

EdgeMarc 6000 Series

Features & Benefits of the EdgeMarc 6000 Series

  • Scalable configuration based on session license and field upgradeable as business need grows
  • Topology hiding, encryption, and protection against Denial of Service attacks
  • Supports direct fiber connections and data rates up to 1 Gbps
  • QoS: Traffic shaping, prioritization, guaranteed bandwidth and call admission control
  • Combined deployment of EdgeView Service Control Center and EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge™ allows for efficient remote monitoring and comprehensive troubleshooting

EdgeMarc 6000


EdgeMarc 6000 Series Features

Features 6000
PRI ISDN links over T1/E1 2
Ethernet WAN 2
Optical (SFP) 2
10/100/1000 LAN 4
Maximum calls 300
Maximum Data Rate 1 Gbps