C15 Call Session Controller

Ribbon's C15 Call Session Controller supports a wide variety of standard protocols, interfaces, and features to concurrently enable both IP and legacy services for Class 5 replacement, including HD voice, Centrex, web portal, mobility, video calling, call logging, integrated voice mail, AMA collection, IP PBX, LNP, E911, and CALEA.  The C15 is also fully SIP and IMS-capable with integrated SIP call session control, session border control, and TDM gateways for seamless inter-working between VoIP and TDM subscribers.

The C15 reduces CapEx and leverages existing fixed access by connecting to line frames and peripherals of switches such as DMS 10 and DMS 100, as well as MSANs and other IP-based access, enabling operators to effectively discard their TDM switch cores and move customers to the SIP and IMS services cloud. 

C15 Call Controller Benefits

  • Globally-deployed and market-proven, with carrier-grade redundancy
  • Economical to 100,000 lines, with convenient and scalable core and port modules
  • Green technology footprint with potential for 90% or greater power savings
  • Advanced IP applications for new revenue including HD voice, softphone clients, one number service with mobility, and unified voicemail
  • Open standards interfaces and extensive CPE and partner interoperability
  • ESA capability allows port modules and gateways to be distributed to remote locations without fear of a cable or fiber cut
  • Simplified web-based OAM with flexible, standards-based OSS and billing

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C15 Call Session Controller

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