Solutions for Rural & Regional Service Providers

Many regional and rural service providers are constrained by legacy TDM networks that are expensive to maintain, difficult to extend or past their lifecycles, and pose risks to their business vitality. Ribbon offers a comprehensive transformation portfolio tailored to regional and rural providers. Ribbon knows how to converge disparate networks, replace costly legacy switching, and operationalize new environments that meet the requirements of broadband-first business models. 

At the same time, many providers are seeing new opportunities as a direct result of their rural geography. They are uniquely positioned to offer unified 5G xhaul and broadband backhaul in their service areas and beyond. Ribbon can help providers unlock that value with advanced IP and optical transport capabilities to enable these new services. Ribbon can also provide the metro and core networks required for fiber build-outs. And, unlike many competitors, Ribbon understands your market requirements, based on decades of supporting regional and rural providers.  

Legacy Switch Transformation To IP

Ribbon understands that many providers have networks that grew or were modernized as a result of acquisitions or necessity, rather than a multi-year strategic plan. That typically means different brands or generations of infrastructure that are "pragmatically" integrated. Ribbon can help. Our professional services teams have transformed networks with all manner of legacy equipment from Nortel, Taqua, Lucent/Alcatel/Nokia, Siemens, Metaswitch, and more. Together our teams can create a migration strategy that de-risks legacy switching networks, providing end customers with both legacy services and new capabilities, while reducing recurring power, HVAC, space, and staffing costs. Regardless of the path, Ribbon can transform a provider's network to be IP-based and software-centric so it's ready for broadband-first business models.

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Network Simplification

A consolidated multiservice platform provides the network simplification required to streamline operations, reduce cost, accelerate service velocity and improve network and service performance. With multiservice being the DNA of Ribbon’s IP portfolio we have proven credentials for supporting current, legacy and new services across both IP and seamlessly integrated IP Optical networks.

Ribbon achieves this network simplification with:

Multi-Access Edge:

  • Access Edge Routers for Enterprises
  • Access Routers providing a flexible RAN Edge
  • Mission Critical Access Routers for Critical Infrastructures
  • Smart Pluggables for Access technologies such as GPON and TDM

Converged Multiservice Aggregation:

  • Full IP/MPLS feature set
  • Advanced timing
  • Evolution to SRv6
  • TDM Migration

Service Aware Traffic Steering:

  • SDN Networking
  • Intelligent Path Computation
  • Network Slicing
  • Converged multilayer optimized IP Optical

Built for Broadband - RDOF Ready

Rapidly Provision High Margin L1 Business Services

Service Providers and UTelcos are aggressively investing in broadband expansion. The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and similar government initiatives require deployment of both broadband and telephony services. Ribbon Voice Sync is natively designed to deliver SIP-based services over all manners of broadband. Since Voice Sync is a complete telecom solution, it’s ideal for broadband providers that need to start from scratch or for providers that are expanding into new territories and need to combine multiple networks. Unlike some cloud services options, Ribbon Voice Sync gives providers complete control over their service offerings and their telecom costs.

  • Compatible with almost any broadband last mile
  • Greenfield or brownfield deployments
  • Providers control their service offerings and costs

Powerful Visualization, Analyzing and Troubleshooting

Service providers need powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics tools to visualize and monitor network performance.

With Ribbon Analytics in your network, you will be able to monitor the network for KPIs and key trends as well as troubleshoot and alert on QoE issues. This provides many benefits such as end-to-end network visibility, improved operational productivity, and efficiency, faster troubleshooting, service issue identification, and resolution.

Read a Solution Brief on our Ribbon Analytics: Application Portfolio.

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Powerful Visualization, Analyzing and Troubleshooting

Identity Assurance - Robocall and Fraud Mitigation

What do your customers do when they receive a phone call from someone they do not know or a number they do not recognize? Perhaps they answer it, but far more likely they reject it, send it to voice mail, or just ignore it. In our current telecommunications world, everyone does this, because they are barraged by spam and robocalls and assume the worst – someone wants to pitch something I do not need or want, or this will be an attempt to defraud me.

With Ribbon Call Trust you now have a solution that you enables you to restore their trust in the phone. Even if you have an extension to the FCC requirement to implement STIR/SHAKEN, you still need to comply with the mandate to have an originating robocall mitigation program in place. With Ribbon Call Trust you can commit to your customers that you can meet the FCC mandate. In addition, you can add more value by being able to provide terminating robocall and fraud mitigation so your customers will be at much less risk from bad actors trying to get their private information or trying to prey on them with money scams.

Identity Assurance

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