Virtual Mobile Core & Mobile Clients

Enable a better calling experience for your subscribers while lowering costs for your network. LTE Calling and Wi-Fi Calling from Ribbon can be rolled out quickly without the need for full VoLTE/IMS network or VoLTE enabled mobile handsets. The Ribbon Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling solution enables a fully native calling experience for your subscribers, straight from their phone’s standard dialer!

Virtual Mobile Core

The Ribbon Virtual Mobile Core (VMC) solution is an innovative, cost effective and powerful way to add virtual IMS core capability to enable Wi-Fi and LTE Calling services for your subscribers, without the considerable cost of a full IMS/VoLTE core. The VMC includes the Activation Server (AcS) for Mobile Client registrations and activations.

Mobile Client

The Ribbon Mobile Client (MC) enables "native dialer" functionality for Wi-Fi or LTE calling for Android devices that are not OEM provisioned. It eliminates the need to launch a separate OTT app. The MC is available as a simple Google Play Store download to quickly enable all existing Android 4.1 and higher devices on the network.